Our transportation and water and sewer systems will be strategically planned and designed to fully address our current needs and future growth patterns. Master plans will allow for coordinated systems design and construction to optimize industrial, commercial and residential development.

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Kip Washington, Director

1036 Brownlee Road
Jackson, Georgia 30233
Office 770-775-8213
Office Hours M-Th, 7AM-5:30PM

*except on approved holidays

Major Functions

  • Motor Vehicle Fueling Systems
  • Motor Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
  • Roads and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Solid Waste Management

The Department of Public Works is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the transportation infrastructure of Butts County, which includes roads, streets and bridges, as well as providing fleet maintenance for over one hundred county vehicles and pieces of equipment. We purchase and maintain fueling systems for all county apparatus and are also part of the local response team in times of natural or manmade emergencies. The department also oversees the recycling centers located at various points throughout the County, monitors the former landfill and provides related services.

Our department operates under a different set of hours than other county departments do, excluding the public waste recycling centers which have their own hours of operation. Public Works is open Monday-Thursday from 7AM until 6PM. During hours that we are closed, a message can be left on our answering service or, if it is an emergency, the E-911 Operations Center can be reached 24 hours per day at 770-775-8232.

Our mission is to ensure that the public roadways and transportation infrastructure of Butts County is safe, maintained and available to our citizens utilizing the most cost effective means while ensuring quality results. If our department or staff can be of assistance to you, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.