Although Butts County was formed in 1825, County Governance did not begin until the creation of the Board of Commissioners in 1899. Prior to that year, all of the business of County was managed by various Court officials. This system had worked well for many years, but as the demands for better roads and services grew, most Georgia counties began to abandon this concept and changed over to either a single elected County Commissioner or a Board of Commissioners. Butts County’s government began with a Board of Commissioners, which later was reduced to a sole Commissioner for many years, then back to a Board again, which has been in place ever since. 69 men and 1 woman have served as County Commissioners of Butts County, and these are listed in order of service below. Those who are currently hold office at this time are shown as “Incumbent”.

  1. Caswell Franklin Etheredge (2 Years)
  2. Julian Webster Fletcher (2 Years)
  3. William Maurice Mallet (2 Years) Died in Office (1st)
  4. L. A. Cawthon (2 Years)
  5. Jesse Carter Jones (2 Years)
  6. Robert Andrews Woodward (2 Years)
  7. John L. Fincher (2 Years)
  8. Alfred Mack Watkins (2 Years)
  9. N.H. Greer (2 Years)
  10. Joseph O. Gaston (22 Years) Last 16 Years as Sole Commissioner
  11. H.G. Asbury (4 Years)
  12. Jenous Monroe Maddox (2 Years)
  13. William L. Wilder (2 Years)
  14. John W. Maddox (4 Years)
  15. Gales W. Jinks (8 Years)
  16. B. Harvey Hodges (18 Years)
  17. Olin Brian Howell, MD (10 Years)
  18. Joseph L. Bailey, Sr. (4 Years)
  19. Elmo Ponder Colwell (6 Years) Non-Consecutive
  20. E. Dena Patrick (12 Years) Non-Consecutive
  21. Pratt Smith (8 Years)
  22. Augustus A. White (4 Years)
  23. Albert Crawley Finley (3 Years) Died in office (2nd)
  24. Luther Joseph Washington (4 Years)
  25. David Bailey Woodward (1 Year) Filled final year for Albert Finley
  26. Thomas W. Nelson (8 Years)
  27. Ralph Elmo Evans (4 Years)
  28. A. F. Maddox (4 Years)
  29. Van M. Freeman (2 Years) Died in office (3rd)
  30. Paul Maddox (2 Years) Filled final two years for Van Freeman
  31. Stacey Leonard Gray (4 Years)
  32. B. Haywood Hodges (4 Years)
  33. David W. Bailey, Sr. (20 Years) Non-Consecutive
  34. Robert W. Cook (4 Years)
  35. Aubrey Girden Cook (4 Years)
  36. Alfred Daniel Fears, Sr (5 Years) Resigned from Office (1st)
  37. Hammond Barnes (4 Years)
  38. Robert W. Taylor (3 Years) Resigned from Office (2nd)
  39. William Albert Duke, Jr. (3 Years) Filled final three years for A. Dan Fears
  40. Geneva Smith Bennett (1 Year) Filled final year for Robert W. Taylor; First Woman to Serve
  41. Michael Allen Collins (4 Years)
  42. William Mitchell, DVM (5 Years) Resigned from Office (3rd)
  43. Everett Douglas Briscoe (4 Years)
  44. James Bartholomew White (9 Years) Resigned from Office Twice; 1982 & 1991 (4th)
  45. Nevin L. Duffey (3 Years) Filled final three years for William Mitchell
  46. George Noah Martin, Jr. (2 Years) Filled final two years for James B. White
  47. Charles J. Brown (6 Years) Law changed; served a half term, then one full
  48. Russell Crumbley (16 Years) Non-Consecutive; Still in office 2020 Incumbent
  49. Frederick J. Head (11 Years) Seat created late 1985; First African American to Serve
  50. Eddie Lee Travis (24 Years) Resigned from Office (5th); Longest Serving Commissioner
  51. David W. Bailey, Jr. (2 Years) Filled remainder of term for James B. White
  52. Wesley R. Haley (4 Years) First Republican to Win Election to Board
  53. James B. Hardy (3 Years) Filled remainder of a term held by Dave W. Bailey
  54. Barney Lee Wilder (1 Year) Died in office (4th)
  55. Jimmy Moore (7 Years) Filled remainder of term held by Barney Wilder + 1 term
  56. Marvin McEwen (1 Year) Died in office (5th)
  57. Grover N. McIntyre (12 Years)
  58. Harry Marrett (6 Years) Resigned from Office (6th)
  59. Gerald Kersey (11 Years) Filled remainder of term held by Marvin McEwen + 2 terms
  60. John T. Harkness, Jr. (4 Years)
  61. William Lovett Fletcher, Jr. (1 Month) Election Overturned by Court
  62. Ousley Lester Peek (5 Years) Filled remainder of term held by Harry Marrett + 1 term
  63. Mitchell Marvin McEwen (4 Years)
  64. Genous Hodges (8 Years)
  65. Robert L. Henderson, Sr. (12 Years) Incumbent
  66. Roger D. McDaniel (8 Years)
  67. Jalaludin Keith Douglas (11 Years) Incumbent; Filled remainder of term held by Eddie Travis Term + 3 terms
  68. Michael Patterson (4 Years)
  69. Joseph Harvey Brown, Jr. (6 Years) Incumbent
  70. Ken Rivers (4 Years) Incumbent

County Executive Positions
The County government recognizes four positions as County Executives. These are listed below in order of creation of office:

County Clerk (Created 1899) 
Since the creation of the Board of Commissioners in 1899, 20 individuals have served as Clerk of the Board of Commissioners, an office also created along with the creation of the government. It is the oldest appointed position in existence in the County government. Of the 20 holders of this office, two have served non-consecutive terms, which means terms at different points in history. These are listed in the order of which they held the office below. The current holder of the office is shown as “Incumbent”.

  1. James O. Beauchamp (2 Years)
  2. Joseph Jolly (18 Years) Died in Office (1st)
  3. James W. Benson (1 Year)
  4. J. Threatt Moore (8 Years)
  5. Joseph H. Ham (4 Years)
  6. William H. Wilson (18 Years) Non-Consecutive
  7. John G. McDonald (3 Months) Resigned (1st)
  8. Clarence M. Compton (2 Years)
  9. Asma Forest Taylor (6 Years)
  10. William Morris Redman (7 Years) Died in Office (2nd)
  11. Billy Sutton (19 Years) Longest Service Clerk
  12. Ruby Kate Moore (2 Years)
  13. Jeanene Fitzgerald (7 Years)
  14. Jacqueline Rainwater Cavender (9 Years)
  15. James Michael Brewer (6 Years) Longest Tenured Employee; Non-Consecutive (Incumbent) 
  16. Margaret Dianne Holloway (5 Years)
  17. Jessica Erin Reynolds (4 Years)
  18. Crystal Griggs Epps (3 Years)
  19. Chiquita R. Barkley (6 Months)

County Manager (Created 1991)
The Office of County Manager was created by Referendum of the voters to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer for the County. Since the creation of the Chief Administrative Officer, nine individuals have been appointed to serve as County Manager. They are listed in order of service below:

  1. Henry Thomas Williams (5 Years)
  2. Paul S. Penn, Jr. (2 Years)
  3. Gregory Popham (18 Months)
  4. Van G. Whaler (5 Years)
  5. Alan E. White (2 Years )
  6. J. Michael Brewer (4 Years)
  7. Keith Moffett (2 Years)
  8. Steven H. Layson (3 Years) Incumbent
  9. Brad Johnson (Effective 2021)

Deputy County Manager (Created 2003)
The Deputy County Manager serves as County’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. The position was created in 2003 but was not actively filled until 2007. Two individuals have served as Deputy County Manager, although there have been periods of years where the position was not assigned to anyone. They are listed in order of service below:

  1. James Michael Brewer (7 Years) Non-Consecutive (Incumbent)
  2. Steven H. Lease (1 Year)

Chief Financial Officer (Created 2004)
The position of Chief Financial Officer was created in 2004 and has existed under various job titles since then, including Controller, Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer. In 2018, the job title of Controller was abolished from the Code and officially designated that the position and the title would be that of Chief Financial Officer. Five individuals have served as Chief Financial Officer and are listed in order of service below:

  1. Mark A. Cole (2 Years) (Controller)
  2. Deborah Upshaw (2 Years) (Finance Director)
  3. Fran Womack (5 Years) (Finance Director)
  4. Chiquita R. Barkley (5 Years) (Controller)
  5. Rhonda Blissit, CPA (3 Years) (Chief Financial Officer) (Incumbent)