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Christopher Sears

Code Enforcement Supervisor

625 West 3rd Street
Jackson, Georgia 30233
Office 470-718-3614
Office Hours M-F, 8AM-5PM
*except on approved holidays


Code Enforcement helps to keep Butts County safe and properties free from unsightly debris and potentially harmful structures. Code Enforcement works closely with Planning and Development, Public Works, and the Butts County Sheriff’s Office to enforce Butts County’s zoning ordinances.

Let’s Keep Our Butts Clean and Beautiful! 

The mission of Butts County Code Enforcement is a collaborative effort between Butts County Government and The Butts County Sheriff’s Office. The goal is to foster a partnership with, and between, the citizens of Butts County to promote and enhance the beauty of Butts County through education, public action and service.

Butts County would like to empower citizens to make Butts County a cleaner, greener more thriving community through ongoing participation in recycling and cleanup programs. With the help of volunteers, public and private partners we can do this together.

Code Enforcement FAQs

The most common violations in the county are:

  • Yard not maintained (high grass/weeds/undergrowth) or the yard contains litter/trash/rubbish of any nature.
  • Parking or storage of motorized or in-operative vehicles or boats in the front yard.
  • Exterior accumulation of equipment, appliances, machinery, personal property, or indoor furniture.
  • Residential property used for the sale, repair, or servicing of vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. or more parking in or adjacent to a residentially zoned area.
  • Illegal dumping of trash and unused items.

Butts County Code Enforcement officers enforce two sets of property maintenance codes:

  • The Butts County Ordinances created and approved by the Butts County Commissioners in 2012. Click HERE to view the Code of Ordinances web page.
  • The International Property Maintenance Code, which was adopted by the Butts County Commissioners as a supplement to the County Ordinances.
  • Concerned citizens and property owners can report a violation through the online system SeeClickFix on this website.
  • Complaints can also be made by calling 470-718-3614 (Ask for Code Enforcement) or email
  • For an in-person appointment contact Code Enforcement by phone 470-718-3614 to arrange a convenient time.