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Sonia Sands, E-911 Director

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Butts County will be a safe and secure community with the best in public safety services. The well-being of our citizens is paramount as we give full support and encouragement to quality health care options and education excellence for the people of Butts County as our community grows.

E-911 Communications handles a variety of responsibilities centered around the receiving of emergency calls for assistance from the public, the dispatching of appropriate emergency resources for each type of call, processing and tracking the call from beginning to end and keeping records of all calls generated and handled. We currently are responsible for deploying field resources to assist the public that includes the Fire Departments of Jackson, Flovilla and Butts County; the Butts County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Jackson Police Department. We also provide logistical support and disaster coordination for the Butts County Emergency Management Agency during times of natural or manmade emergencies, including storms, flooding, winter weather and more.

The agency opened in November of 1993 as the 56th 911 Center in the state of Georgia. At that time, there were still over 100 counties in the state that did not have enhanced 911 capabilities. We have been in continuous operation since that time but have undergone at least three major systems upgrades during that time which has kept our E-911 system functional and cutting edge in technology. Just like other public safety officers, our Communications Officers are required to obtain state certifications to work as an E-911 operator. In order to do this, we provide our own in-house training program with a dedicated full-time Training Officer to ensure that when our employees are sent for their certification training that they are already skilled and knowledgable about their job and the critical responsibilities they hold. Our E-911 Communications Officers are the first link in the chain of protecting the lives and property of our citizens and we hold that task in high regard.

We also provide a service called CODE RED that is an automated telephone emergency notification system that can be activated during a severe weather emergency or other local emergency whereby public safety information that is critical to the public can be immediately transmitted to our citizens. This service is provide by the County to you at no charge and we encourage you to go online and sign up for this vital service.

We also are happy to speak to local organizations or to conduct school safety training about the proper use of E-911 and how to make y0ur Emergency Response System work and serve you with the most effectiveness. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about our agency or this service or if we can just answer a question.


Sonia Sands, Director of E-911

Major Functions

  • Emergency Call Processing
  • Emergency Dispatch of all Ambulance, Fire, Police, Sheriff’s Office and related
  • Tracking of Emergency and Non-Emergency Public Safety Incidents
  • Coordination of Emergency Resources, Response and Operation in Disasters
  • Community Training in Effective Use of 911