The Office of the County Clerk is responsibile for managing the official records and documents of the Butts County Government, including all documents of the Board of Commissioners. The Clerk prepares the agendas for Commission meetings, takes the minutes of the Commission meetings and archives them for future reference and record. Additionally, this Office receives requests for group assemblies on County premises.

One of the key functions of the Office is to also receive requests for records under the Open Records laws of the State of Georgia. Requestors may make request of such records from the Office of the Clerk during regular business hours of the County. The requests may be made in person, by mail, via e-mail or by telephone. If made by mail, it is recommended that this be sent via certified mail to ensure delivery and proper receipt. Butts County will not be responsible for Open Record Requests that we do not receive.ย  For more information on how to request a public record, please click here.

To contact the County Clerk by email, click HERE