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CourthouseAs the geographic center of population in Georgia, Butts County is truly the heart of our state because we are about people. What is it that sets us apart from so many others? Location. History. Natural Resources. Tourism and fun things to do. Interesting and caring people. While we may be small in size, we are big on all of these things!

First, we have great location! We’re on Interstate 75 between Macon and Atlanta, and while we benefit from the synergy of these two large cities, we have been able to maintain our small town charm and natural vistas. We have two access points to the interstate with prime industrial and commercial land located at both interchanges, available for development, as well as access to rail lines from Norfolk Southern Railroad. Georgia highways 16, 36, 42 and 87 all converge in Jackson, as well as US Highway 23. When it comes to location, we have it!


SpringsNext, we have history. Butts County is steeped in history that draws many visitors each year to places like the Indian Springs Hotel, once a bustling stagecoach stop near Indian Springs State Park, the nation’s oldest. See the place where the Treaty of Indian Springs was signed in the 1820’s and learn the story of the Native Americans who once made their homes here. Butts County is also part of the Civil War Heritage Trail where you can trace the path of Sherman’s “March to the Sea” which took the Federal Army through Butts County in 1864. Visit the dam at Jackson Lake, built in 1911, which was a cornerstone of what later became the Georgia Power Company. See the burial place of Robert Grier, the man who created “Grier’s Almanac”, used by generations of farmers. Genealogy buffs will love combing through the many cemeteries in Butts County, featuring the burial sites of the people who settled this part of Georgia, all of which have been indexed. When it comes to history, Butts County has a lot of it to explore and experience.

Natural Resources are an important part of what makes Butts County attractive to residents, businesses and industrial concerns. We have an abundant water supply, which is distributed through a countywide water system with a tremendous capacity for expansion. Timber is another resource that is widely available in Butts County and it’s renewable too!



Tourism and Fun thrive in Butts County. We have Jackson Lake, a large recreational reservoir that offers a variety of water activities such as boating, swimming and skiing. It was recently featured in the Universal Studios movie “Endless Love” and is a very camera-friendly location. Indian Springs State Park offers camping and other recreational activities set in a natural vista that features rolling hills, hiking trails and river activities. The Village at Indian Springs features a variety of shops and stores, whether you are just browsing or looking for that special gift. Dauset Trails Nature Center is located in Butts County too, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year to this free nature preserve. It includes hiking and biking trails, lakes, rivers and a variety of wildlife that is cared for at the center, just ten minutes from the interstate. High Falls State Park, features a lake, swimming pool, hiking trails and a beautiful cascading waterfall among other activities. If you want to raft, canoe or kayak, spend a summer day paddling down the scenic and unspoiled Ocmulgee River, which begins in Butts County, winding its way down to Juliette, Macon and beyond.

We are also the home of the Indian Springs Holiness Campground, which celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2015. Each year, visitors from all over the southeastern United States travel to experience this ten-day revival held under an historic arbor built from native timbers and stone and set among the rolling hills near Indian Springs State Park.

Enjoy good food? We have some of the best to experience such as Fresh Air Barbecue, founded in 1929 and one of the oldest continuously operating barbecue restaurants in Georgia. It has won numerous awards, including being voted as the best barbecue in Georgia. Bucker’s Family Restaurant, located right off I-75, offers what many consider to be the best fried chicken in the state, along with a variety of other food items served on “Lazy Susan” tables. Be prepared to eat when you come to Buckner’s! Both are considered destination dining places by people traveling from all over the state and the country. Jackson features a wide variety of restaurants, from fast food when you’re on the go to enjoyable international cuisine such as Mexican, Japanese, Italian and Chinese.


The best thing about Butts County though is the people. Friendly and caring people, who are proud to call Butts County their home. Many families go back multiple generations, while newcomers that have moved in have brought diversity and new ideas to the community. Whether you are in Jackson, the county seat, or in the smaller towns of Jenkinsburg or Flovilla…or just “out in the county”, you will find Butts County a warm and friendly place to visit and to live. We have an abundance of churches, civic organizations and community groups to get involved in, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Fine Arts Council, Partners for Smart Growth and the Historical Society. People make Butts County the place it is and you will quickly find yourself at home among them.

We hope that you will come and visit Butts County and see all that we have to offer…you may find you don’t want to leave!

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