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Summer Fun for Seniors

The Ida Ruth Taylor Senior Citizens Center has been open for just over three years but it continues to be a hit with Butts County’s growing population of active older adults, especially during the hotter summer months of the year. Providing a cool oasis with plenty of indoor activities for seniors, the center is now fully staffed five days per week. Wii bowling in the game room offers seniors the thrill of bowling without the cost, travel to a bowling alley or even having to get out of the chair if they don’t want to. Other games are available and the system is frequently in demand during the day. If games aren’t for you, the center has places where friends can gather to share stories, tell jokes and just socialize with one another. It also provides a space where those who prefer to sit and read a magazine or a book can do so. There are also exercise machines, a computer lab with modern computers and internet access as well as an arts and craft room. Meal service is available for at the center with a hot, nutritious lunch served on weekdays. For those who enjoy the hotter weather, a new horseshoe arena is being prepared in the backyard where an unusable, dated playground has recently been removed, opening up the yard area for a variety of outdoor games...

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Senior Citizens Center Grand Opening Today

Butts County will hold a Grand Opening ceremony today with an open house to follow, beginning at noon in its new location on Ernest Biles Drive. The new center, formerly the home of the Jackson-Butts County Child Development Center, will now house all senior citizen programs in a much larger and improved space but will still be a part of the Recreation Department campus. The program had previously been housed in the Ernest Biles Youth Center located adjacent to the new location. Over the years, growth in both recreation and senior programs had created a severe shortage of space in the Youth Center. Programs for the Senior Citizens had been largely confined to one common room and a couple of small offices since the Youth Center opened in the mid 1990’s. In late June, the Board of Directors of the Child Development Center notified the County Administrator that they had made the decision not to reopen the center in the Fall of 2012 due to declining enrollment and cuts made to their programs by the State. The building occupied by the Child Development Center was constructed in the 1990’s with funds obtained from grants but has always been owned and maintained by the County. “While we were sad to lose the Child Development Center and what they brought to the community, this did solve a twofold problem we have...

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Child Development Center Closing Opens Avenue for New Senior Citizens Center

Butts County officials learned recently that the Jackson-Butts County Child Development Center will close its doors in the weeks ahead. In a letter to the County, Ida Ruth Taylor, the Board Chair of the Jackson-Butts County Child Development Foundation stated “It appears that after 36 years of operation, the Jackson-Butts County Child Development Center has served its purpose”, going on to say that “On June 23, 2012, the board voted unanimously that it is no longer feasible to operate the center and therefore the center will no longer be in business”. Citing financial difficulties experienced by many of their families due to the economy, enrollment dropped drastically this year, along with a severe cutback in State funding. Recently, they received another setback when the State notified them they would also be cutting out Pre-K funding for the upcoming school year, which only exacerbated the problems. Faced with declining enrollment and diminished funding, closing was the only option left to the staff. Butts County had committed to fund their portion of the program at the same level as last year but removed this appropriation from the FY2013 budget after being notified of the Board of Director’s decision. “We will assist them in whatever manner is feasible with the close out process” Interim County Administrator Michael Brewer stated. “They have been honorable stewards of the public trust for well over three...

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