On June 6th, the Butts County Commissioners Office held a kickoff meeting to discuss the next Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that is being considered for the County. County Administrator Alan White welcomed those assembled and gave a brief overview of the meeting’s purpose and then introduced Niki Knox from the Georgia EMC in Atlanta. Knox facilitated a meeting between the commissioners, staff and various board/community leaders in February to discuss priorities for what the next SPLOST might be used for if voters pass it. She gave a presentation on SPLOST and its history, after which Chairman McDaniel opened the meeting up to public comment. Three citizens came forward to speak about SPLOST and two used their time to ask questions and gain more understanding of it. The Commissioners were each given the opportunity to voice their opinion of SPLOST and what they would like to see it used for if passed. Dr. White then announced the formation of the Citizens for SPLOST committee who will be meeting to discuss SPLOST, prioritize projects that it could be used for and then present a SPLOST platform to the Board of Commissioners. If the Board approves the platform, it would be introduced for public vote in an upcoming election. The SPLOST committee will be made up of local citizens and is open and inclusive to any who wish to serve on it with the exception of elected and appointed officials of the County, Cities, Authorities and Local Boards. Meeting dates will be announced by the Committee in the upcoming weeks. To help citizens understand what SPLOST is, a separate article on understanding the differing kinds of local option taxes will be published following this article.