Butts County Elections Director Avery (Ava) Smith received the “Five Star Service Award” from the Board of Commissioners at the November 12, 2012 commission meeting. The award, generally given at the main commission meeting of the month, is awarded to an employee who has excelled in customer service either through an individual act or consistently over time. Employees receiving the award are usually nominated by a member of the Board of Commissioners Office.

County Administrator Michael Brewer introduced Smith as the award recipient, noting that she “has worked for many years, both part-time and full-time for Butts County in the elections department and recently I observed what an an outstanding job she and her department did in conducting the 2012 General Election and all that went along with it”. He then turned the microphone over to Commissioner Gator Hodges who was the Commissioner that nominated Smith for the award.

“We had the largest early voter turnout ever to come through this building” Hodges noted. “This particular election drew a lot of people in to vote and sometimes tempers can flare. My wife, who came to vote, personally observed a hostile person in the Elections Office and told me how Ava was able to explain in a calm, level-headed manner how things worked and was very effective in calming the person down and seeing to their needs. That is the kind of customer service we appreciate in the people who work for the County”.

Smith addressed the Board and the audience, stating how much she loved the work that takes place in the Elections Office. “There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for having a job that I enjoy doing. I appreciate getting to do that job and helping the citizens of Butts County”.