At the request of the Butts County Board of Elections and Registration’s Office, along with five other Georgia counties, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has opened an investigation into possible voter registration fraud. A number of citizens had recently received phone calls and information in the mail, giving them the impression that they needed to re-register with the local elections office. In some cases, residents were led to believe that these calls originated from the Secretary of State’s Office, which is not true.

Put simply, the Secretary’s office does not call call people about registering or re-registering to vote. A person’s voter registration is valid unless the person moves to a different election precinct, in which case they would need to update their voter registration information. In come cases, if a person is registered to vote and does not vote in two consecutive General Election cycles (which happens every four years), the Secretary’s office may remove a voter from the registry but they will attempt to contact a person by mail before taking any such action.

It is important to note that the Butts County Elections and Registration office is not being investigated by the Secretary of State’s Office. The Elections Office has simply notified the Secretary’s office of complaints received from registered voters and are now part of the overall investigation. Elections office personnel are cooperating with the Secretary’s Office in every way to assist with this investigation.

Other counties who also filed complaints include Henry, Gwinnett, Bartow, DeKalb and Muscogee counties. One organization that registers people to vote is being investigated but nothing is conclusive at this time.

Voters in Butts County are asked to please notify the Elections Office of anything received in the mail asking them to re-register to vote or if you receive a phone call requesting the same. Please keep any mailed materials for possible examination and if you are called, please note the time, date, caller ID information and contact the Elections Office. They can be reached at 770-775-8202

UPDATE: The number of counties now reporting potential fraud has been expanded to include Coweta, Marion, Effingham, Tattnall, Terrell and Toombs counties.