The information stated below constitutes my official transmittal of “Received Bid Information” on County Bid Project 2017-03-003, also known as the “Riley Road Paving Project”. The project was put out for bid proposals on 28 March 2017 and the closing date for receipt of bids was 28 April 2017 by 11:00 AM. The bid was opened by J. Michael Brewer, Government Relations Officer in the presence of Keith Moffett County Administrator and attested to by Chiquita Barkley as County Clerk.

Two qualified bidders responded to the RFP and presented bid amounts in the following, with itemization. Included in the bid responses were a base bid price for paving and finishing of Riley Road and one alternate bid that included the paving plus the water line relocation that belongs to the City of Flovilla.

1). Southeastern Site Development of Newnan, Georgia
Base Bid: $1,036,128.56
Alternate: $1,181,002.36

2). McCoy Grading, Inc. of Greenville, Georgia
Base Bid: $835,931.30
Alternate: $962,682.20

It is my opinion that both companies met all required deadlines and submitted all bid information in the approved format as directed in the Invitation to Bid. The Invitation to Bid was advertised locally in the Jackson Progress Argus, published on the County website and placed on the Georgia Local Government Access website. Once the bid was placed, the point of contact for any questions was the County Engineer only.

This item will be placed on the docket for the May 8, 2017 Board of Commissioners meeting for either awarding a bid or rejecting all bids.

/S/ J. Michael Brewer
Government Relations Director