Personal Property Assessment
Butts County Board of Assessors

625 W 3rd Street, Suite 1
Jackson, GA 30233
(770) 775-8207

The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for assuming the responsibilities and performing the duties required of the Board’s Personal Property Appraiser. Currently, the Butts County Board of Assessors employs one full-time appraiser to perform the personal property duties but is in consideration of taking proposals in order to out-source these duties beginning July 1, 2020. The objective is for the evaluation of the cost to the county government without compromising the quality and accuracy of the personal property assessments.

Butts County Board of Assessors is seeking a professional firm (herein after referred to as “the Company’) to provide qualified and experienced personnel to perform the services related to Personal Property Assessments. The Company must guarantee that these services will be performed in full compliance with the regulations and guidelines as set forth by the Georgia Department of Revenue.
Butts County is a small county located between Atlanta and Macon, Georgia, with a population of about 24,000. Currently, the county has a total of 2961 Personal Property accounts and 175 Pre-Bill Mobile Homes. Within these 2961 Personal Property accounts there are approximately 2165 Residential (3293 boats, 39 airplanes), 373 Commercial and Industrial Inventory, and 4388 Commercial and Industrial MEFF. In a typical year the county will also process 30 Timber sales and 20 Public Utilities accounts.
The company awarded the Personal Property Assessment contract will be responsible for performing all the duties required of the Board’s Personal Property Appraiser’s position and staff functions, including but not limited to:

• Maintaining the Board’s Personal Property Assessment records in a current condition
• Preparing annual personal property assessments for the board
• Perform timely mailing of the annual personal property returns and personal property notices of assessments
• Defending personal property appeals (including Board of Equalization and Superior Court)
• Providing information to the Georgia Department of Revenue
• Supporting, preparing and updating the WinGAP personal property records
• Supporting and reconciling Freeport exemption applications
• Working the Georgia DNR and Sales Tax Listing as provided by GAP Group
• Updating itemized asset detail in WinGAP when provided with the personal property return
• Correcting personal property useful life groups for assets, as needed, when processing personal property returns
• Performing personal property field reviews
• Assisting with general personal property assessment administrative duties
• Assisting with the preparation of the Personal Property Tax Digest
• Other duties and tasks related to personal property assessment as directed by the Board and/or Chief Appraiser

The Company shall report directly to, and receive overall direction from, the Board’s Chief Appraiser regarding the Company’s performance of the services and other obligations.
The Company will be available to the Board’s staff for general training and support in the day-to-day operations of the office as it relates to personal property, including but not limited to:

• Offsite support as scheduled via remote access
• Attendance at Board meetings as needed
• Training of Board’s staff regarding personal property matters and related responsibilities
• Performing common tasks including, but not limited to:
o Processing returns
o Managing phone inquiries
o Email correspondence
o Meeting with property owners
o Processing appeals
o Processing the DNR list for discovery of marine property
o Analyzing the annual sales tax list
o Adding new accounts
o Digitizing all personal property returns

The Company shall be available to field any personal property matters, including assessments and questions, that may arise and provide detailed explanations regarding the appraisal of personal property.
The Company will be responsible for any travel, meal, business and other expenses incurred by its employees (including subcontractors) providing the services.

Review of Proposals
The Board of Assessors will review submitted proposals at the Board’s regular meeting in March.

Notice of Award
A decision concerning awarding the contract will be made at the Board’s regular meeting in April.

Basis for Selection
The proposals will be reviewed by the Butts County Board of Assessors. In evaluating the proposals, the Board will consider the qualifications of the respondents, whether the proposals comply with the prescribed requirements, and such alternates, pricing, and other data, as may be requested in the RFP or prior to the Notice of Award.

Submitted Proposals Must Include:

• Base cost for a one-year contract and terms of payment
o Pricing structure if multiple year contracts are utilized
o If various “levels” of service are offered – indicate the pricing for each level.
• Details of any expenses to be assumed by the Board (such as printing and mailing returns and assessment notices)
• Listing of any specific duties to be performed by Board’s staff in support of this service
• Listing of any physical office requirements to be provided by the Board
• Outline of the procedures, details and typical “Turnaround Time” applicable to requests by the Board for specific tasks
• List of Georgia counties for whom you currently provide personal property assessment services

Starting Date of Contract
The starting date for the contract will be July 1, 2020.

Deadline for Submitting Proposals:

March 5, 2020, 5:00PM EST.

Proposals are to be Submitted To:

Butts County Board of Assessors
625 W 3rd Street, Suite 1
Jackson, GA 30233

Point of Contact

Lindsay Menezes
Chief Appraiser, Butts County Board of Assessors