GIS-Based Tax Parcel Maintenance Services
Butts County Board of Assessors

Lindsay Menezes
Chief Appraiser
625 West 3rd Street, Suite 1
Jackson, GA 30233
(770) 775-8207

The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for the implementation of a GIS – Based Tax Parcel Maintenance Services contract. The Butts County Government and its cities rely on the Assessors to have an accurate and fair accounting of property values and parcel ownership information. Utilizing GIS, the management of information and resources is streamlined into a solution that enhances services across all departments. Maps serve a vital role in a local government’s decision- making processes and accurate maps are an essential component for many government boards and commissions. Proper maintenance of GIS tax parcel maps insures:
1. data sharing throughout departments
2. management of vast amounts of information efficiently
3. ease in the meeting of regional, state and federal mandates
4. increased range of information available to public
5. improved response time for citizen inquires
6. ability to incorporate changes quickly to ensure accurate maps
7. less reliance on paper maps

Currently, the Butts County Board of Assessors maintains and updates all GIS tax parcels in house but is in consideration of taking proposals in order to out-source these duties in the near future. The objective is for the evaluation of a comparison of the possibility of a lower cost to the county government without compromising the quality and accuracy of the parcel maps and still maintaining an efficient update speed for any changes needed.

General Information

1. Offers should be submitted to:
i. Charles Brodie
ii. Chairman, Butts County Board of Assessors
iii. 625 West 3rd Street
iv. Jackson, GA 30233

3. The deadline for submitting proposals is June 10, 2019
4. Right to reject: Butts County Board of Assessors reserves the right to reject any and all responses to this RFP.
5. Minority Owned Businesses: Efforts will be made by Butts County to utilize woman, minority and/or service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.
6. Notification of Award: It is expected that a decision concerning this RFP would be made within sixty (60) days of the closing date for receipt of offers.


Butts County Board of Assessors is seeking a professional firm to provide the technical services needed to maintain and update the county GIS-based tax parcel mapping system. Butts County currently has approximately 14,000 parcels.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Updating and editing existing parcels by evaluating and entering data from parcel descriptions, deeds, various plats and surveys into GIS using trigonometry, coordinate geometry, and cadastral mapping standards.
2. Identify discrepancies that exist between the GIS parcel layer and County’s Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) database, and provide County with a correlation report along with each delivery of new data.
3. Create, edit, and maintain tabular GIS data for features such as parcel identification numbers and update and maintain annotation features including dimensions.
4. Manage the geometry of GIS feature using accepted coordinate geometry methods for land parcels, and related cadastral features such as subdivision boundaries, boundaries, right-of ways, city limits, public land survey system divisions and districts, etc.
5. Providing map production and create reports
6. Maintain GIS layers currently utilized including streets, sections, districts, zonings, cities limits, county boundaries, floodplains, soil analysis, letters of map amendments (FEMA), railroads and crossings, and all other relevant mapping resources requested by the county. This is limited to existing datasets and does not require firm to develop GIS layers for base mapping purposes under this contract. Any specific database building will be considered additional work and will fall outside of this scope of work. This work will be evaluated on a case-by-case scenario and additional RFP may be necessary.
7. Help Butts County Assessor staff gain working knowledge of GIS in order to generally maintain and interpret GIS data as it is collected and shared.

Basis for Selection
The proposals will be reviewed by the Butts County Board of Assessors. After reviewing all submitted proposals, a decision will be reached by the board as to whether to continue all GIS- based tax parcel maintenance in house or seek a company to take over that role for the department. In evaluating the proposals, they will consider the qualifications of the Respondents, whether or not the proposals comply with the prescribed requirements, and such alternates, pricing, and other data, as may be requested in the RFP or prior to the Notice of Award.

Submitted Proposals Must Include:
1. Base cost for a one-year contract and terms of payment
2. Cost of training County staff in the use of your GIS services
3. Cost and description of any additional services (not included in Item #1) provided by your company, including on-site visits to the County Assessors Office
4. Procedures, Details and typical “Turnaround Time” applicable to Requests by the County for specific tasks
5. List of Georgia counties for whom you currently provide GIS services

Evaluation Procedure and Criteria
The Butts County Board of Assessors will review the offers and make recommendations to the Butts County Administrator and Board of Commissioners. The Board of Assessors may request a meeting with some qualified offers prior to the final selection.