This is to notify you pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 17-6-4 (c) that Butts County holds a cash bond with you listed as the Surety. A period of seven years has passed since the defendant was required to appear in court or the date of the disposition of the case by the prosecutor, including any appeal of a verdict or sentence. If the cash bond is not claimed by you within 90 days from the date of this notice, then the said funds will be forfeited and paid into the general fund of Butts County. Please contact the Butts County Sheriff’s Office prior to the 90th day following this notice if you wish to claim your cash bond. Any claim by a surety for refund of a cash bail shall include acceptable documentary proof of disposition of the case from the prosecuting official or appropriate court records or such other documentation as may be acceptable to the official holding such cash bail as proof that the case has been settled.
The Honorable Gary Long Butts County Sheriff
835 Ernest Biles Drive Jackson, GA 30233 770-775-8216

Please see the link below for the list of bonds and their surety: