The Butts County Board of Commissioners will hold a series of public hearings on Monday, February 22, 2021 at the Central Georgia EMC Annex beginning at 6:00 PM to hear a rezoning and special use case on a potential rock quarry and a text amendment on parking lots. Due to the anticipated public interest in attending this meeting, coupled with ongoing requirements being placed on local governments to comply with COVID-19 safety and the rules of the Fire Marshal, the following measures will be taken and public adherence to these will be required.

  • Persons will not be permitted to enter the facility before 5:30 PM.
  • All visitors entering will be required to enter through the security checkpoint
  • Masks will be required to be worn by everyone while on Central Georgia EMC premises
  • Temperature checks will be conducted at the entry lobby.

Once persons have entered the facility, they will be required to go directly to a seat, which are socially distanced and must not be moved from their assigned spot. Once all seats are filled, no more persons will be allowed inside the meeting room and all persons inside must remain seated unless departing the meeting room. If you are coming with others and wish to be seated together, please come in together as saving of seats will not be allowed.

If a person leaves the meeting space, their seat will be considered available and the next person waiting for a seat will be allowed in to claim the seat. The Fire Marshall and the Sheriff’s Office will enforce seating, distancing, mask requirements and room capacity limits.

Persons must park in designated parking areas and will be directed to parking areas by Deputy Sheriffs who will be on the scene. Please note that parking along State Highway 36 is prohibited by the State and for safety reasons. Anyone parking along Highway 36 is subject to have their vehicle towed and impounded.

Instructions on the public hearing will be given at the start of the public hearings themselves. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right suspend the rules governing how public hearings are heard if it is determined to be in the best interests of the public to do so. All persons are required to adhere to public hearing rules or be subject to removal. All persons are expected to maintain good order during the public hearings. Once the meeting is concluded, persons should follow directions to exit the facility and grounds.

We appreciate the public’s cooperation with these requirements. During this critical time when COVID 19 pandemic concerns are high, our intent is to provide as safe an environment as possible for our Citizens, as well as employees of the County, Central Georgia EMC and visitors. Having a large scale public event during a pandemic is unprecedented and thank you for your patience and assistance as we work to make this event as safe and efficient as possible.