Early voting in the primary elections begins on April 28th this year and ends on May 16th, earlier than in previous years due to changes in election laws on the Federal and State levels. Beginning on the 28th, registered voters who have registered to vote by April 21st at 5PM will be eligible to vote at the Administration Building early. Once early voting ends, those wishing to vote will be required to vote at their polling places on Primary Day, which is May 20th.

It is important to remember that this event is a Primary Election, which means that when you go to vote, you will have to request either a Democrat or a Republican ballot and this will limit some choices of who you can vote for.

In Commission District 3, two Republicans are running for County Commissioner with no Democrats in contention. This means that if a voter wants to vote for a County Commissioner candidate, they will need to request a Republican ballot and won’t be able to vote in the primary for any of the Democratic candidates running for State Office (Governor, Lieutenant Governor) or Federal Office (US Senator, US Representative). They will be able to vote for any Republicans running for office on Local, State and Federal Level.

In Commission District 4, the opposite occurs where two Democrats are running for County Commissioner with no Republicans in the race. Voters in that district wishing to vote for County Commissioner candidates will have to request a Democratic ballot which will only list Democratic contenders for office. If a voter requests a Republican ballot, they will be able to vote only for Republican candidates, excluding them from voting for Commissioner.

In the upcoming primary elections, it will be important for voters to be aware that they will have to choose a party ballot to vote on and that not all candidates running will be on the ballot. That does not occur until the November General Election, when all remaining candidates of both parties appear on the ballot.

Since Commission Districts 1, 2 and 5 are not up for election this year, the choice of which party to vote in may be less complicated in those districts as they will be focused mainly on State and Federal elected office; however, if voters have split views on certain candidates, the same issue will occur. Republican ballots will only have Republican candidates for office, while Democratic ballots will only have Democratic candidates.

School Board elections this year are not at issue in the Primary as these seats are Non-Partisan and not subject to political party primaries. These candidates will appear on both ballots regardless of party. If you need further clarification about voting in the Primary Elections, please call the Board of Elections Office at 770-775-8202 for more information.

Important Dates to Remember:

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: April 21

Early Primary Voting Begins: April 28

Early Primary Voting Ends: May 16

Primary Election Day: May 20

Runoff Election Day: July 22 (Only if needed)

General Election: November 4

Runoff Election Day: December 2 (Only if Needed)