County Administrator Steve Layson has appointed Mary Lynn Overbey as the new Director of Leisure Services and Wendell “Kip” Washington as the new Director of Public Works, following a recent application and selection process for the two open positions. Leisure Services has been under the direction of former Director Jim Herbert for the past two months. Mr. Herbert retired in 2013 but returned when the position became vacant as the Interim Director at the request of the County. Public Works has been overseen by Mr. Washington since former Director Marty Long retired on July 1st.

Ms. Overbey has worked full time for Leisure Services since 2001; prior to that, she worked part time for the department and also was actively involved in recreational programs as a volunteer and parent. Much of her work with the department has been involved in managing and growing various programs within the Parks and Recreation function of Leisure Services, as well as several years in the administrative side of the department. Her most current position with the department has been as Leisure Services Program Manager, which coordinates the program offerings of the department. She is well known in the community for her work in all aspects of recreation but most especially, in recent years, the gymnastics program, which has brought much notice to the County.

Mr. Washington has worked full time for Public Works since 1998 and has served as Assistant Public Works Director for much of that time. As this department’s second in charge, he worked directly for the department Director and managed personnel engaged in road and bridge maintenance, materials management, vehicle and equipment maintenance, solid waste management and administration. Over the years, he has earned a solid reputation for his work ethic, fairness and desire to save money when purchasing goods and services for the Public Works Department, which maintains hundreds of miles of County roads and many bridges, seven recycling centers and a motor pool of county vehicles, road equipment, public safety apparatus and more.

“I think this is a positive step for Butts County” said County Administrator Layson on Tuesday. “Both of these individuals are products of Butts County and have given many years of service to the citizens, both through their work and their actions in the community. I think they both bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table and have the best interests of the citizens at heart in what they do. I’m looking forward to working with both of them to advance Butts County and its outreach to the community”.