The Butts County Courthouse, which was completed in 1898, was designed by one of the foremost architectural firms ever to exist in Georgia. The firm of Bruce and Morgan was noted for and is remembered for having designed a number of Georgia courthouses, most of which are still in existence today. Construction began on February 14, 1898 and the keys were handed over to Judge J.F. Carmichael on September 22nd of the same year. The building was constructed at a cost of $3,160,000.00 in today’s dollars. One thing that has rarely been seen by residents of Butts County is the architectural drawing for the Butts County Courthouse that was submitted to the County building committee to show them what the new judicial building would look like. Below is the architectural drawing submitted in 1897 by Bruce and Morgan, Architects for the “future” Butts County Courthouse. Apparently the draftsman was much better at drawing than he was at spelling the word “County”. Other than weather vane and original flagpole, which are no longer part of the structure, the Courthouse has gone virtually unchanged now for 115 years.