The Magistrate Court will be closed Monday, October 2, Tuesday, October 3, and Wednesday, October 4, 2017 to allow staff to attend the fall Magistrate Court Council Training Conference for annual recertification and mandatory training requirements.

Individuals that need to file a new civil claim or file an answer to an existing Statement of Claim or Dispossessory action may do so online, as well as file new Garnishment actions online at

If your deadline to file an answer to a claim falls within the dates the court is closed, the Court will accept answers to claims if they are filed timely online or by regular mail. All answers filed by regular mail must be notarized, and have a postmarked date that shows the answer was submitted on or before the deadline that the answer to the claim is due to the Court.

Answer Deadlines: Read the claim and summons very carefully to properly determine your deadline to answer. Dispossessory actions (evictions) and personal property foreclosures must be answered within seven days of the date of service by the Sheriff’s Office. A timely answer to a Statement of Claim must be filed within 30 days from the date of service by the Sheriff’s Office.

In the event you are unable to conduct your business with the Court online, feel free to mail all of your filings to the following address:

Magistrate Court of Butts County
Post Office Box 457
Jackson, GA 30233

Most commonly used forms for filing claims, warrant applications, and answers forms will be posted on the bulletin board of the Magistrate Court next to the Magistrate Court Clerk’s office. Additional information and other helpful tools for conducting business can also be found on the Georgia Magistrate Court Council’s website at