The County Administrator, Alan White, has provided information that the Butts County Commission’s General Fund Account was breached by an unknown outside computer source. Computer security for the County and for Hamilton State Bank verified that on or about August 3, 2011 an illegal wire transfer was added to a batch of General Fund internal fund transfers. The electronic transfer went undetected into an out-of-state account.

County and Bank officials have been in contact with the receiving out-of-state bank and have effectively terminated access to the illegal account. Additionally, there has been contact with local, State and federal law enforcement officers to report and a request to investigate the fraudulent activity. The case is currently under investigation and the amount of funds illegally transferred remains undisclosed pending law enforcement efforts to recover any remaining funds and to identify those responsible for the crime.

The County has worked closely with staff as well as officials at the Hamilton State Bank to assure that every effort is in place to prevent such a breach of security in the future. Further information may be released following the completion of the investigation.