☐ Ken Rivers, District 1, Chairman
☐ Keith Douglas, District 4 Vice Chairman
☐ Robert Henderson, District 2
☐ Joe Brown, District 3
☐ Russ Crumbley, District 5

☐ Steve Layson, County Administrator
☐ Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
☐ Branden Bowen, Zoning Attorney

Section 1: Workshop Meeting

Chairman Ken Rivers called the November 19, 2019 workshop to order at 9:00 AM. The Chairman asked to add one item to the workshop, which included an update to the Board on recent issues with the activation of the new traffic signal on Highway 16 at Old Jackson Road. The original design by the engineer called for a 75-foot turn radius and GDOT now wants a 100-foot turn radius for larger trucks. He reported the contract and the engineer will look at the cost and effect of increasing the radius, which if approved could be completed by mid-December.

The next item discussed was an agreement pertaining to Midway Road between the county, Jones Petroleum and Liberty Development. A letter of agreement from the County had been drafted by Attorney Vaughn whereby the costs of the road improvements would be handled by the two businesses in exchange for certain impact fee or permit cost credits from future developments that both companies have in the pipeline. The consensus of the board was for the chairman to sign the letter of agreement and deliver this to Mr. Jones.

The next item discussed was the proposed development for Highway 16 W. and interstate 75. The commissioners went over a number of points they would like to see in the development, as well as the removal of some scope from the project (namely, increase in green space, decrease in number of distribution center warehouses in favor of greater commercial space, having an additional entrance into the park, who would own the road and when, etc.). Consensus was reached on several items with others still on the table, pending a visual inspection of the property by the Board. Zoning Attorney Bowen will continue to work on the development agreement to incorporate the items the board would like to see in the final document.

Since there was no final action to be taken by the Board on the items originally placed on the docket, the board did not call the scheduled action meeting to order and instead chose to end the workshop without further discussion; therefore, all meeting docket items are void and docket numbers will be reused for future actions.

Ratified this 9th Day of December, 2019