☐ Ken Rivers, District 1, Chairman
☐ Keith Douglas, District 4 Vice Chairman
☐ Robert Henderson, District 2 (Excused)
☐ Joe Brown, District 3
☐ Russ Crumbley, District 5

☐ Steve Layson, County Administrator
☐ Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
☐ Ben Vaughn, County Attorney

Section 1: Workshop Meeting
Chairman Ken Rivers called the November 4, 2019 workshop to order at 5:30 PM. The first item of discussion was whether the board wished to accept donated land from Zip Hinton located on Highway 42 North at Bunch Road. Mr. Hinton will be seeking zoning of approximately 124 acres of the total 279 acres to M1 (Light Industrial) for establishing a truck parking lot. The remaining acreage (approximately 155 acres) would be donated to the County for future development by the County for industry, parks, etc. if this was agreeable to the Commission. The Commission will explore this matter further for a later decision.

The next item for discussion is whether or not the county wishes to adjust the hotel motel tax from its current level of 3% to a higher level, given that new lodging will become available in the county over the next year. This item will be placed on the December docket for approval to raise the tax from 3% to 5% and the ask the legislature to move forward on passing a local act to raise the amount to 8%.

The next item for discussion was improvements to Midway Road, located in the south west quadrant of I 75 and Highway 16. There are two developments on Midway Road that are both desiring road widening improvements; however this road project is not in the budget, nor does the County have undesignated funds to allocate to this project without putting the County in financial jeopardy. Discussions of a development agreement, whereby the two developments (Liberty LLC and Jones Petroleum) would improve the road in exchange for tax credits against future development project impact fees could possibly be worked out. This will be voted on at the regular meeting.

The final workshop item was a presentation of DOT projects by Harland Smith of Georgia Department of Transportation. Commissioner Brown noted citizen concerns about the proposed College Street bypass that would severely impact the County Library, which is in his district. There have been a lot of citizen complaints about the impact to the neighborhood if this project goes forward. With the workshop then concluded, the Chairman adjourned until 6:00 PM.

Section 2: Regular Meeting, Preliminaries
Chairman Rivers called the November meeting to order at 6:00 PM and asked the Reverend Steven Dudley to deliver the invocation and lead the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2019-11-197 Adoption of Docket
Mr. Vaughn requested the removal of Item 206 from the docket. Mr. Brewer removed the item and moved all item numbers up by one number. Mr. Brown then moved to adopt the docket, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent, 4-0.

Item 2019-11-198 Approval of Minutes
Mr. Crumbley moved to approve the November minutes, seconded by Mr. Brown. Unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-199 Recognition of Senior Center Golden Olympians
Mary Lynn Overbey presented a number of senior citizens who competed in the Senior Golden Olympics for medals, which were bestowed by the Chairman individually with recognition.

Item 2019-11-200 Welcome & Recognition of Dr. Todd Simpson, New School Superintendent
Mr. Brewer welcomed Dr. Simpson as the new Butts County School Superintendent and introduced him to the assembly for welcome and recognition. Mr. Simpson gave brief remarks.

Section 3: New Business
Item 2019-11-201 Public Hearing: Case 10 (01)2019 Rezoning
Under new business, the Board took up the matter of the rezoning of approximately 1.1 acres on Keys Ferry Road from A-R to R-2. Following a presentation, a public hearing was convened. No one spoke in favor of or against the rezoning, which the planning commission recommended for approval. The public hearing closed and the Chairman called for a vote. Upon a motion by Mr. Crumbley and seconded by Mr. Brown, the rezoning was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-202 Approval of Alcohol License of JP Highway 16 Travel Plaza
The next item was the approval of an alcohol license for JP Highway 16 Travel Plaza. Mr. Brown made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas. Mr. Crumbley voted in opposition on religious grounds and the motion passed 3-1.

Item 2019-11-203 Present Updates to ACCG Retirement Plan for County Employees
The next item was the presenting of updates to the county retirement plan that the commissioners have requested from ACCG. Mrs. Ellen Glidewell, County HR Manager was available to answer any questions about the retirement program and the proposed updates.

Item 2019-11-204 Approve Resolution CR201928 to Restate the Retirement Plan
Mr. Brewer introduced CR201928, a resolution to adopt the restated and revised Employee Retirement Plan from ACCG Retirement Services, effective upon signature of the Chairman. Mr. Crumbley moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent. The resolution is made a part of the Book of Resolutions, Volume 1.

Item 2019-11-205 Approval of Lease for Solid Waste Recycling Center
Mr. Layson presented a lease renewal for the tract of land that the recycling center in Jenkinsburg is located on, near the corner of England Chapel Road and 42 highway, owned by Dan Fears, Jr. Mr. Crumbley moved to approve the lease, which is for $1.00 per year, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-206 Award of Bid for Debris Management (Replaces Removed Item)
Mr. Goens presented the first of two awards of bids. The first was for debris monitoring in the event of a certifiable disaster and would only be used if it was needed. Debris Tech would be selected. Mr. Brown moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-207 Award of Bid for Debris Removal
The second bid under this section was for debris removal under the same conditions as Item 206. Southern Disaster Recovery is the selected company. Mr. Brown moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-208 Approval of VOCA Grant for District Attorney’s Office
Mr. Layson presented for approval the annual VOCA grant for the district attorney’s office. This requires approval of the local governing authority. Mr. Crumbley moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-209 Approval of Bid for Computer Replacements
Mr. Layson presented an award of bid for replacement of computers for the County and many of its departments. The bid award was to Nocwing Computer of Griffin, in the amount of $72,789.50 from SPLOST 7. Mr. Brown moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-210 Award of Road Improvement Bid for Isaac Head Road
Mr. Layson presented an award of bid for the paving of Isaac Head Road, using CDBG grant money and other revenues. The selected bidder is Piedmont Paving in the amount of $629,481.77. Upon a motion by Mr. Crumbley, seconded by Mr. Brown, the motion passed with unanimous consent.
Item 2019-11-211 Action on Midway Road Improvements from Workshop
Mr. Layson presented, for possible action, the improvements to Midway Road, from the earlier workshop. A motion was made by Mr. Brown to approve that a development agreement between Jones Petroleum and Liberty LLC be drafted, with the agreement to state that Jones Petroleum and Liberty LLC would make improvements to the County road known as Midway Road in exchange for impact fee credits on future developments both entities have under plan review in the area, as may be allowed by Georgia law, at a maximum cap of $200k per developer. Mr. Rivers seconded and the motion passed 3-0 with Mr. Crumbley abstaining due to being related to one of the parties that would be involved in any future agreement.

Item 2019-11-212 Appropriations and Revenue
Ms. Rhonda Blissit, CFO, reports that with 33% of the year completed, revenue is 46% collected and expenditures are at 33%, so the county budget is running exactly where it should be for the end of the first trimester of the fiscal year.

Item 2019-11-213 County Administrator’s Report
Mr. Layson stated that all his items had been previously covered by previous actions.

Section 5: Concluding Business

Item 2019-11-214 Executive Session for Personnel, Litigation and Real Estate
With a need for Executive Session to discuss litigation, personnel and real estate, the board entered this upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Crumbley, with unanimous consent. Mr. Crumbley moved to reconvene, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-11-215 Attorney Report
Mr. Vaughn reports on the results of the Executive Session. The board discussed a pending litigation matter and a personnel matter. Real Estate was removed from the discussion.

Item 2019-11-216 Adjournment Motion
With no public comment applied for, Mr. Brown made a motion to adjourn the November meeting, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent. The Commission stands in recess until December 9th unless the need to recall into session presents itself.

Ratified this 9th Day of December, 2019

/s/ Ken Rivers

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners
Ken Rivers, Chairman of the Board


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned minutes of the Butts County Board of Commissioners are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the open meeting designated for the date and times stated herein. I also do swear and affirm that the Commissioners did enter upon an Executive Session for the purposes of discussing a litigation matter and a personnel matter, meeting the requisite conditions for going into closed session as allowed under Georgia law.

J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
as Clerk of Butts County