122nd Session Covering Calendar Year 2020
2019-2020 Biennium
Minutes of the Board of Commissioners for October 26, 2020

☐ Ken Rivers, District 1, Chairman
☐ Keith Douglas, District 4 Vice Chairman
☐ Robert Henderson, District 2
☐ Joe Brown, District 3
☐ Russ Crumbley, District 5 via Phone

☐ Steve Layson, County Manager
☐ Michael Brewer, Deputy County Manager
☐ Ben Vaughn, County Attorney

Section 1: Opening of Workshop

Chairman Rivers called the workshop to order in the Courtroom of the Central Georgia EMC Annex at 5:30 PM. The Board received a progress report from County Engineer Wayne Smith on the Highway 16 and I-75 Development Project being undertaken by Developer Doug Adams. Following discussion, the workshop adjourned at 5:42 PM.

Section 2: Special Called Meeting

Chairman Rivers called the Special Called Meeting to order at 6:00 PM and asked Commissioner Henderson to give the Invocation and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item 2020-10-136 Approval of Docket
Mr. Brewer requested that Item 137 “Approval of Minutes” be removed from the docket as this would be done at the November meeting. This would move all items up on the docket. With no other additions or changes, Mr. Henderson moved to approve the docket, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2020-10-137
Mr. Brewer presented a proclamation to retiring Extension Agent Jenny Brown, who had retired at the first of the month. Mr. Douglas motioned to approve the proclamation, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent and the proclamation was presented by Vice Chairman Douglas.

Chairman Rivers took the opportunity to thank the Leisure Services Department, Public Works Department and the Sheriff’s Office for all of their assistance in the recent move from the old to the new wing of the Administration Building.

Item 2020-05-049 Approval of Development Agreement and Rezoning
This item which had been tabled since May was brought up for a vote. Following a presentation by petitioner’s attorney Timothy Haley, Chairman Rivers stated that two votes would be required; one to approve the Development Agreement and another to approve the actual rezoning. Mr. Henderson moved to approve the development agreement. Without a second, Chairman Rivers seconded the motion and it was approved 4-1 with Mr. Crumbley dissenting.

The next item was the need to make a motion to rezone the 269 acre tract to M-1 zoning, subject to the development agreement. Mr. Brown moved that the board deny the rezoning on the grounds that he was not in favor of rezoning the entire tract as M-1and he was not in favor of the County getting into the real estate business. Mr. Crumbley seconded the motion and Chairman Rivers then called for a vote on Mr. Brown’s motion, which passed with the effect of denying the zoning 3-2, with Douglas joining in favor of, Rivers and Henderson in dissent.
Item 2020-10-138 Executive Session for Personnel Matters
Mr. Henderson moved to enter Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent. Two hours later, Mr. Douglas moved to reconvene, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

County Attorney Ben Vaughn reported that the Board had held interviews with candidates for the County Manager position which recently closed out. The following candidates were then announced as finalists for the position of Butts County Manager:

Mr. Brad Johnson
Mr. Kelvin Lewis
Mr. Michael Nagy
Mr. Jeffrey Nix

Mr. Layson announced that the Board would vote at the November 9th, 2020 Board of Commissioner’s meeting on their selection for the position, which would begin on January 1, 2021.

Mr. Brown then moved to rescind the Development Agreement voted upon earlier, seconded by Mr. Crumbley and approved 3-2, with Douglas joining in favor of and with Rivers and Henderson in dissent.

Item 2020-10-139 Adjournment
Mr. Douglas moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Ratified this 9th Day of November, 2020

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners
Ken Rivers, Chairman of the Board


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned minutes of the Butts County Board of Commissioners are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the open meeting designated for the date and times stated herein. I also attest that the Board did enter upon an Executive Session with the purpose of said session being described herein and allowable under State of Georgia law governing open meetings.

J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Manager
Clerk of the 122nd Session, Attesting