Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Robert Henderson, District 2
Ken Rivers, District 1, Vice Chairman

Steve Layson, County Administrator
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director, County Clerk
Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney

Section 1: Workshop

Chairman Crumbley brought the October 1, 2018 workshop to order at 5:00 PM. The commissioners then heard presentations on the following items:

WS2018-26 Update on Relocation of Driver Services Testing Center
Mr. Brown gave an update on this project and where things were in the process. There are a variety of possibilities that are currently in discovery and further updates will be given as they become available.

WS2018-27 Discussion about Speed Breakers on County Roads
The consensus is to continue looking into this, with the provision that if there were to be included in our ordinance, that they would only be allowed in subdivisions and that a supermajority of property owners in a subdivision (60%) would have to sign a document requesting them.

WS2018-28 Firefighter Personal Leave Rollover
Mr. Layson asked that this be studied further by the staff before public discussions were held.

WS2018-29 Incentives for Liberty Commerce Center, Building 2
A consensus was reached and will be acted upon at the 6PM meeting (See Item 191)

The workshop closed at 5:40 PM, whereupon the Board was in recess until 6:00 PM.

Section 2: Regular Meeting Preliminaries

Chairman Crumbley called the Regular Meeting to order and called upon Mr. Brewer to give the invocation and lead the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2018-10-184 Adoption of the Docket
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Douglas, the docket was approved as presented with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-185: Approval of Minutes
Upon a motion by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Douglas, the minutes were approved with unanimous consent and no corrections or additions.

Item 2018-1005-186: Special Recognitions
Kathleen Bowen of ACCG presented a Legislative Service Award to Senator Burt Jones for his work earlier this year on the landfill legislation bill that raised the host fees from $1.00 per ton to $2.50 per ton. Vice Chairman Ken Rivers recognized several members of the Butts County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for their quick actions in solving a recent homicide. County Clerk Michael Brewer recognized Commissioner Keith Douglas for being appointed to the National Association of Counties’ Justice and Public Safety Policy Steering Committee and read a letter from the President of the Association, Greg Cox.

Section 3: New Business

Item 2018-10-187: Appointment to the Planning and Zoning Commission
Mr. Brewer presented four candidates that had applied for the position of Planning and Zoning Commissioner to take the place vacated by Planning Commissioner Cheryl Travis Jones. The vetted candidates included Steven Dudley, Terry Duffy, John Harkness and Joe Merlino. Commissioner Douglas then submitted the name of Charlton D. Smith as a candidate for the position. Following some discussion, Mr. Douglas moved to appoint Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent. Mr. Brewer reminded the Board that there would be several more appointments that would have to be made in December.

Item 2018-10-188: Public Hearing and Action on Amendments to the UDO
Community Development Director Christy Lawson presented amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance pertaining to soil erosion, sedimentation and pollution control regulations that are now required of counties and which needs to be included in our UDO. Mr. O’Quinn then opened the public hearing and upon hearing from no citizens, closed the public hearing. Chairman Crumbley called for a vote and Mr. Rivers motioned to approve the amendments, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-189: Approval of Agreement with the City of Jackson on Storm Water Mitigation.
Mr. O’Quinn presented the Board with an agreement drafted by the City of Jackson and concurred upon by the County. A property owner has submitted that adjacent development, which was approved by the local governments, has caused a storm water runoff problem that is impacting his property. The agreement would be for the County to provide a drain pipe and material in the amount of $5500.00 and the City of Jackson will provide labor and design in exchange for a release of all potential future liability or issue. Mr. Brown moved to approve the agreement, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-190: Revisions to Contract with Two Rivers Resource Conservation & Development
Public Works Director Kip Washington came forward to discuss some changes to a previous contract executed in 2017 with Two Rivers Resource Development and Conservation Council to provide road striping work on County roads. The changes that have been requested by Two Rivers will save approximately $500-$900 per mile in costs. Mr. Rivers had some questions pertaining to liability insurance coverage which were address by the County Attorney. Mr. Rivers then moved to authorize the Chair to sign and execute any changes on behalf of the board. Mr. Brown seconded and the motion passed with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-191: Incentives Request from Liberty Development
This item was discussed in the workshop. Liberty Development is in the planning process for second speculative distribution center, to be located in the same developmental area as their first distribution center, southwest of the Interstate 75 and Highway 16 interchange, and which is under construction at this time. The proposed building is a one million square foot building, which would generate impact fees for the local government in the amount of $1,160,000.00 and a building permit fee of approximately $300,800.00 at 0% reduction. Discussion centered around incentives and how and when extending these kinds of incentives were in the best interest for the County. It was noted that the County gave a 100% reduction of impact fees and building permit fees on the Dollar General Distribution Center as an incentive to attract a distribution center, as well as the aforementioned Liberty Commerce Center Building 1, which received 75% reductions. It was noted that while distribution centers make contributions to the County, that there were still impacts to the County that would be mitigated by impact fees and that this was why the County had these in place. Additionally, it was also discussed about giving land tax incentives that stretched out for long periods of time, such as 15 or 20 years, before the Counties would receive the full taxable benefit of the development. Following this discussion, Mr. Rivers moved that the County give no incentives in the form of reductions to impact fees, building permit fees or any other associated fees to this particular project and that the County give only a three-year abatement on land taxes, in the formula of 0% for year one, 33% for year two, 66% for year three and 100% paid to the County thereafter. The County will continue to review incentive requests in the future on a case by case basis. Mr. Henderson seconded this and the motion passed with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-192: Staff Reports
CFO Rhonda Blissit gave the monthly Financial Report to the Board. She reported the current state of the budget, now at the 25% mark. We have collected 29% of the budget so far and have expended 23% of the budget, which means the budget is proceeding with revenues exceeding expenditures. County Administrator Layson reported Mr. Layson reported a variety of items, including disposition of surplus property using govdeals.com would be brought up soon. He also reported that non-emergency EMS transports were now being handled by private carriers and that the County was looking at making the window on insurance provision to retirees up to medicare eligibility a permanent benefit.

Section 4: Special Business and Public Comments

Item 2018-10-193: Executive Session
Mr. Rivers moved to go into Executive Session for personnel and real estate, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent. The meeting later reconvened upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-10-194: Attorney Summary
Mr. O’Quinn notified the members of the public of the matter is that the board had discussed in executive session. This included one personnel matter and a matter concerning real estate on a piece of property owned by the County.

Item 2018-10-195: Public Comment
Mr. Brewer informed the Board that no one had signed up for public comment utilizing the county procedure. Mr. Brewer then reminded the Board that due to the Veteran’s Day Holiday in November, that the Board of Commissioner’s meeting would be moved to the third Monday of that month, November 19th

Item 2018-10-196: Adjournment Motion
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas and seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board adjourned the meeting with unanimous consent.