Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Robert Henderson, District 2
Ken Rivers, District 1, Vice Chairman (By Phone)

Steve Layson, County Administrator
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director, County Clerk
Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney

Section 1: Workshop

Chairman Crumbley brought the September 10, 2018 workshop to order at 5:00 PM. Commissioner Rivers was excused but participated by telephone in all portions of the meeting. The commissioners then heard presentations on the following items:

WS2018-21 Discussion with the Transportation Board
WS2018-22 Discussion on Solid Waste Recycling Centers (One item added to docket)
WS2018-23 Leisure Services Rental Fees (One item to add to the October docket)
WS2018-24 Discussion on selection process for Courthouse Rehabilitation Project
WS2018-25 Discussion on relocating the Driver Services Center from Riverview Business Park

The workshop closed at 6:00 PM, whereupon the Regular Meeting was convened at the bench.

Section 2: Regular Meeting Preliminaries

Chairman Crumbley called upon Mr. Henderson to give the invocation and lead the pledge.

Item 2018-09-171 Adoption of the Docket
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, second by Mr. Brown, the docket was approved with unanimous consent and one item added, 5-0

Item 2018-09-172: Approval of Minutes
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Douglas, the minutes were approved with unanimous consent and no corrections or additions.

Section 3: Old Business

Item 2018-05-100: Tabled Action on I-75 Overlay District Recommendations by P&Z
Chairman Crumbley made a motion to delay any action on the overlay district at this time, seconded by Mr. Henderson. Following discussion, Chairman Crumbley withdrew his motion and Mr. Douglas moved to remove this item from the docket until further notice, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Section 4: New Business

Item 2018-09-173: Appointment to the Board of Assessors
Mr. Brewer presented the application of Leah Frickey to serve on the Board of Assessors, noting that she was already a certified Assessor Board Member as well as a certified Tax Appraiser IV. The Commissioners felt that the candidate was superbly qualified for the position and Mr. Douglas moved to appoint her to fulfill the remaining term of Valencia White-Jordan, who had to resign due to work conflicts. Mr. Rivers seconded the motion and this was approved with unanimous consent, to take effect October 20, 2018 or upon her resignation from the Henry County Board of Assessors, whichever is sooner.

Item 2018-09-174: Appointment of Design/Build Firm for Courthouse Rehabilitation
Mr. Layson stated that the recommendation of the courthouse rehabilitation committee was to appoint Garbutt Construction Company/Lord Aeck Sargent to design manage the construction aspects of the courthouse rehabilitation. Mr. Brown moved to accept the recommendation of the building committee seconded by Mr. Henderson and it was approved 4-1, with Mr. Rivers in dissent.

Item 2018-09-175: Acceptance of CDBG Grant; Authorization for Chairman to Execute Documents
Mr. Layson requested that the Board accept a recently awarded CDBG and upon receipt of the paperwork from the grant writer and technical administration firm (Linda Carroll & Hayes Hofstadter P.E.) that the Board authorize the Chairman and his successors in office to execute required documents and related materials pertaining to the Community Development Block Grant from Georgia DCA. Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the recommendation was accepted by unanimous consent, 5-0.

Item 2018-09-176: Approval of New Required E-911 Resolutions
Mr. Brewer requested that the Board approve all new resolutions governing collection of E-911 fees required by the State, to include wireline, wireless and prepaid wireless telephones. Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Douglas, the resolutions, number 15 and 16 for the year, were approved with unanimous consent, 5-0

Item 2018-09-177: Ratification of Grant for Leisure Services from Central Georgia EMC
Mr. Layson requested that the Board ratify a grant application from Leisure Services to Central Georgia EMC Foundation for playground equipment. The grant application had been previously submitted because of deadlines and the Board needs to ratify the decision made. Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the ratification was accepted by unanimous consent, 5-0.

Item 2018-09-178: Approval of Policies for Solid Waste Recycling Centers (From Workshop)
This item was added to the docket from the earlier workshop. It was requested that the board adopt as policy the recommendations of the Director of Public Works with regards to the dumping of tires, construction debris and furniture at solid waste management centers around the county. The motion further stated that the county attorney would revise the Ordinance regarding the dumping of these types of materials to made the penalties more severe. Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Brown the motion was approved with unanimous consent, 5–0.

Item 2018-09-179: Staff Reports
CFO Rhonda Blissit gave the monthly Financial Report to the Board. She reported the current state of the budget, now at the 17% mark. We have collected 14% of the budget so far and have expended 16% of the budget. It was noted that some numbers are out of variance because certain things are paid quarterly and not monthly. Overall the budget is tracking well.

County Administrator Layson reported Mr. Layson reports that the County is keeping an eye on the hurricane potential with several storms lining up. Riley Road work continues. Jim McMichael roadwork is substantially complete, pending final asphalt installation. Speed bumps on county roads will be on next workshop.

Section 5: Special Business and Public Comments

Item 2018-09-180: Executive Session
Mr. Brown moved to go into Executive Session for personnel and litigation, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent. The purpose for the executive session was to discuss a matter of pending litigation, a personal matter and a potential real estate matter. The meeting later reconvened upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-09-181 Attorney Summary
Mr. O’Quinn notified the members of the public of the matter is that the board had discussed in executive session. He then presented a six-month contract renewal for County Administrator Steve Layson that would begin on January 1, 2019 and end on June 30, 2019. He stated that the only difference in the new contract extension was the addition of some vacation leave. Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Henderson, the renewal was approved with unanimous consent, 5-0.
Item 2018-09-182: Public Comment
Mr. Brewer informed the Board that no one had signed up for public comment utilizing the county procedure.

Item 2018-09-183: Adjournment Motion
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Douglas, the board adjourned the meeting with unanimous consent.