Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Ken Rivers, District 1, Vice Chairman

Steve Layson, County Administrator
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director, County Clerk
Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney

Section 1: Workshop

Chairman Crumbley brought the August 13, 2018 workshop to order at 5:00 PM. Commissioner Henderson was excused due to a conflict of schedule. The commissioners then heard presentations on the following items:

WS2018-16 A discussion pertaining to solid waste recycling centers
WS2018-17 A discussion pertaining to non-emergency ambulance transports
WS2018-18 A discussion pertaining to selection of an architectural firm for the judicial annex
WS2018-19 A discussion pertaining to awarding a bid for a ladder engine
WS2018-20 A discussion pertaining to recent actions by the Planning Commission

The workshop closed at 6:00 PM, whereupon the Regular Meeting was convened at the bench.

Section 2: Regular Meeting Preliminaries

Chairman Crumbley called upon Mr. Rivers to give the invocation and lead the pledge.

Item 2018-08-157 Adoption of the Docket
Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, second by Mr. Brown, the docket was approved with unanimous consent, 4-0.

Item 2018-08-158: Approval of Minutes
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Rivers, the minutes were approved with unanimous consent.

Section 3: Old Business

Item 2018-05-100: Old Business/Public Hearing on I-75 Overlay District Recommendations by P&Z
Mr. O’Quinn called the Public Hearing to order. One citizen rose to speak neither for nor against the changes but to ask questions. No other citizens rose to speak and the public hearing was closed. Mr. Rivers then made a motion to table the issue of making any changes to the Overlay District due to the need for further study of the recommendations, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent, 4-0.

Section 4: New Business

Item 2018-08-159: Award of Bid for Ladder Engine
Chief Mike Wilson presented the item previously discussed at the workshop on the purchase of a new ladder truck from the bonded SPLOST 7 funds at a total price of $735,915 from Fireline. This was the lowest and most responsive bid. Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Rivers the motion passed with unanimous consent, 4-0.

Item 2018-08-160: Appointment to the Board of Assessors
Mr. Brewer presented candidate Daniel Queen to the Board for appointment to the Board of Assessors to replace Derissa Jester, who must come off the board due to work conflicts. Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, seconded by Mr. Brown, Mr. Queen was appointed to fill the remainder of the term, which expires December 31, 2019, with unanimous consent, 4-0.

Item 2018-08-161: Appointment of Design/Build Firm for Judicial annex
Mr. Layson stated that the recommendation of the judicial annex committee was to appoint CT Darnell/Clark Patterson Lee to design and construct a judicial annex to the County Administration Building. Mr. Rivers moved to accept the recommendation of the building committee seconded by Mr. Brown and it was approved 3-1, with Mr. Douglas in dissent.

Item 2018-08-162: Approval of Contract on Aging with Three Rivers Regional Commission
Mr. Jim Herbert and Ms. Crissy Crabtree presented the annual contract with Three Rivers for approval. Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, seconded by Mr. Brown the board approved the contract with unanimous consent, 4-0

Item 2018-08-163: Ratification of Appointments to the West Georgia EMS Council
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board voted with unanimous consent to approve the reappointments of Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council.

Item 2018-08-164 Presentation on Domestic Violence
Ms. Donna Tate is made a brief presentation on “Community Engagement to Save Youth from Domestic Violence” and requested that the County appoint a staff representative to interface with their organization. The Board stated they would take this under advisement.

Item 2018-08-165 Approval of Road List for Heavy Truck Ordinance
Mr. Rivers moved to adopt a list of roads provided by the Sheriff’s Office, to become Exhibit A on the Heavy Truck Ordinance as revised, seconded by Mr. Brown with the stipulation that more roads can be added as needed. Motion approved unanimously. The Ordinance and road list is listed as follows:


WHEREAS, in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Butts County, the Butts County Board of Commissioners does hereby adopt the following regulations pertaining to truck traffic and truck parking within the unincorporated areas of Butts County, Georgia.

NOW, THEREFORE, It is hereby ORDAINED by the Butts County Board of Commissioners as follows:

Chapter 70 of the Butts County Code of Ordinances, entitled β€œROADS AND BRIDGES,” is hereby amended so as to add the following additional provisions:
Article II of Chapter 70, Division 2 β€œDelivery and Transport Vehicles,” is amended by the enactment of the following additional Sections thereof, to be denominated as Sections 70-60 through 70-65.
β€’ Sec. 70-60. – Purpose.
The following sections are adopted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the unincorporated county; to establish standards for prohibiting trucks and tractor-trailers from traveling, parking or entering residential subdivision streets and from overnight parking on the rights-of-way in the county; and to restrict truck traffic from certain roads in the county.
β€’ Sec. 70-61. – Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Residential subdivision means an area with streets designed primarily for residential and accessory traffic that are primarily interior subdivision streets and specifically including all residential areas platted and regulated by the county subdivision regulations.
Truck means any vehicle used for hauling or carrying a load where the overall length is over 30 feet and the vehicle has over six wheels and specifically including tractors pulling trailers whether loaded or unloaded and, notwithstanding the foregoing, any vehicle which weighs more than the applicable state limit for travel on county road systems.

Sec. 70-62. – Prohibition on through trucks.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any truck to travel certain county roads listed in Exhibit A to this section unless the vehicle trip originates or ends on such road or is made for the purpose of making a delivery to a site on such road. All such roads shall be posted with signs at each end of such road that state, “No Through Trucks.” At the Board of Commissioners’ discretion such signs may also be posted at the intersection of any such road with other roads.
(b) This section shall apply to roads specifically authorized in this section by the Board of Commissioners and as later added to and deleted from by resolution of the Board. This section shall apply to those county roads listed on Exhibit A to this Ordinance from which this section is derived, incorporated by reference, which is on file in the county offices.
β€’ Sec. 70-63. – Prohibition on travel in residential subdivisions.
No truck shall enter, travel or park on a street in a residential subdivision in the county, except for the purpose of delivering goods to houses or points within such residential subdivision for short periods of time during daylight hours.
β€’ Sec. 70-64. – Overnight stay.
No truck or tractor-trailer shall enter, travel or park on a street in a residential subdivision or park on a right-of-way in the county for the purpose of an overnight stay by the driver or operator.
β€’ Sec. 70-65. -Penalties.
Citations for violations of Sections 70-62, 70-63 and 70-64 shall be heard in the Magistrate Court of Butts County. Any person violating Sections 70-62, 70-63 or 70-64 shall be punished by a fine of no less than Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00), and not to exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or up to sixty (60) days in jail.

β€’ Arrow Point Road
β€’ Barnes Road
β€’ Barnette’s Bridge Road
β€’ Biles Road
β€’ Brooks Road
β€’ Brownlee Road
β€’ Bucksnort Road (Beyond Buckner’s)
β€’ Burg Road
β€’ Buster Brown Road
β€’ Buttrill Road
β€’ Colwell Road
β€’ County Line Road
β€’ Coyote Trail
β€’ Dave Bailey Road
β€’ Dean Patrick Road
β€’ Deerfield Road
β€’ Doe Run Road
β€’ England Chapel Road
β€’ Evans Road
β€’ Fincherville Road
β€’ Four Points Road
β€’ Halls Bridge Road
β€’ Glen Echo Road
β€’ George Tate Drive
β€’ Giles Ferry Road
β€’ Godsey Road
β€’ Haley Road
β€’ Harbor Shores Drive
β€’ Henry Higgins Road
β€’ Higgins Road
β€’ High Falls Road
β€’ Jackson Lake Inn Road
β€’ Jim McMichael Road
β€’ Joe Lane Road
β€’ Keys Ferry Road
β€’ Kinard Mill Road
β€’ Lee Maddox Road
β€’ Mount Vernon Road
β€’ Nathan Thaxton Road
β€’ Oak Road
β€’ Old Bethel Road
β€’ Old Griffin Road
β€’ Old South River Road
β€’ Quail Trail
β€’ Pratt Smith Road
β€’ Reeves Road
β€’ Ridgeway Road
β€’ Shiloh Road (Unincorporated)
β€’ Short Road
β€’ Stark Road
β€’ Strickland Pasture Road
β€’ Trophy Ridge Road
β€’ Towaliga Church Road
β€’ Tussahaw Point Road
β€’ Walthall Road
β€’ Wells Road
β€’ Whitetail Hills Trail
β€’ Wildwood Road
β€’ Winding Way
β€’ Wolf Creek Road

Item 2018-07-166 Staff Reports
CFO Rhonda Blissit reported that 8% of the year has passed and the County has expended just over 7% of the total budget. Budget is on track. County Administrator Steve Layson reported that the Courthouse renovation committee is reviewing architectural firms for the renovation of the courthouse. He also reports that the County is helping the Drivers Services Department of the State look for a new location with county.

Section 5: Special Business and Public Comments

Item 2018-07-167 Executive Session
Mr. Brown moved to go into Executive Session for personnel and litigation, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent. The meeting later reconvened upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-07-168 Attorney Summary
Mr. O’Quinn then asked for a motion amend the retirement plan for two individuals to correct a clerical error, seconded by Mr. Brown and passed 3-1 with Mr. Douglas in dissent. The two individuals were former County Clerk Dianne Holloway (Deceased) and Thomas Ingram (retiring). The requests for both came from GEBCorp, the Defined Benefits company utilized by the County who requested passage of documents by the Board for housekeeping matters within their company.

Mr. Layson then requested that the Board support his appointment of Kip Washington as the new Public Works Director to replace Marty Long and to support Mary Lynn Overbey as the new Leisure Services Director to replace Linda Parrish, with both appointments to be effective August 14th, 2018. The majority of the board has consented to the appointments but this does not require a vote from the board as the County Code gives the authority to the County Administrator to appoint all department heads after consultation with the board of commissioners.

Item 2018-08-169 Public Comment
Mr. Brewer informed the Board that no one had signed up for public comment utilizing the county procedure.

Item 2018-08-170: Adjournment Motion
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Douglas, the board adjourned the meeting with unanimous consent