JULY 10, 2017
Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5
Keith Douglas, District 4
Robert Henderson, District 2
Ken Rivers, District 1

Chiquita Barkley, Controller/ County Clerk
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director
Keith Moffett, County Administrator
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney


Workshop: The Board of Commissioners participated in a workshop from 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM to receive information on the following county initiatives:

• WS-2017-018: A briefing was given by Alscan, Inc. and Code Enforcement Officer Scott Thurston on a new closed circuit camera systems for the Administration Building. A cost proposal was distributed and discussed about expanding the existing camera system for the Administration Building.

• WS2017-019: A proposal by Pete Sutton, Architect and Mike Tumlin, Contractor on a proposal to expand the existing Administration Building to allow for the inclusion of court services. A visual presentation was given on potentially looking at three options for the existing Administration Building site, including: A). Addition of a new west wing and repurposing of existing Administration and Community Development space for court services, B). addition only of a new west wing to provide space for Superior, Probate and Magistrate without repurposing any existing space, and C). addition of a new east wing on part of the adjacent property for the same purposes.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, Chairman Henderson ended the session and the Board went into recess. The Board reconvened with all members present and Chairman Henderson then called the July 10, 2017 meeting to order at 6:00 PM after the recess. He welcomed all present and asked Michael Brewer to give the invocation, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2017-07-113: Approval of Docket
Upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas, seconded by Commissioner Crumbley, the docket was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-07-114: Approval of Minutes
Upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas and seconded by Commissioner Brown, the Board approved the minutes of all June meetings and a called July 6th meeting with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-07-115: Public Comment
Mr. David Massey submitted a request to speak on the 2017-2018 budget; however the request was denied by the Chairman as the topic was not on an item that was on the docket for consideration by the board.

Old Business

Item 2017-06-096: Second Reading on Revision to Animal Control Ordinance.
Dr. Moffett presented a revised animal control ordinance to the board of commissioners for a Second Reading. The ordinance has lain on the table for 30 days and upon a motion by Commissioner Rivers and seconded by Commissioner Douglas, the motion passed to approve with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-06-097: Approval of Service Agreement with Moye Electric.
Dr. Moffett presented a service agreement that, if approved, would authorize the aforementioned company to perform monthly service on the lighting system at Interstate 75 and Highway 16. Following some questions from the board, Commissioner Crumbley made a motion for approval, seconded by Commissioner Rivers with unanimous consent.

New Business

Item 2017-07-116: Presentation by the Board of Elections.
Elections Director Avery Smith gave a presentation to the Board, notifying them that the Board of Elections has voted to consolidate all voting precincts into one polling station at the County Administration building. This was designed to save money and reduce the workforce required to have elections. Ms. Smith indicated that this move could potentially reduce personnel needed by 40%. This decision is under the purview of the Board of Elections but they do request permission from the County to use the Administration Building for this purpose. No other action would be required by the Board.

Item 2017-7-117: Approval of Caterpillar Annual Lease Program for 2017.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Rivers and seconded by Commissioner Douglas, the lease program contract was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-07-118: Approval of contract with Georgia Department of Corrections
Dr. Moffett presented the annual contract for the period of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017 for securing two inmate details for use by Public Works. Following a discussion among the board members and a presentation by Sheriff Long, speaking on behalf of Public Works Director Marty Long, the Chairman called for a vote. Commissioner Brown made a motion to approve, seconded by Commissioner Henderson. The board then voted, with Commissioners Brown and Henderson in favor, Commissioners Rivers and Crumbley in dissent and Commissioner Douglas abstaining due to his employment with the Department of Corrections. The motion thus failed.

A substitute motion was then made by Commissioner Brown to table the matter to allow for further investigation of the work detail, seconded by Commissioner Crumbley and passed 3-1-1, with Commissioner Rivers in dissent and Commissioner Douglas abstaining.

Item 2017-07-119: Approval of Alcohol License for Pilot Travel Center.
Mr. O’Quinn made the presentation and recommended approval of the license. Commissioner Rivers made a motion to approve, seconded by Commissioner Brown and the motion passed 3-1-1 with Commissioner Henderson abstaining due to religious convictions and Commissioner Crumbley in dissent.

Item 2017-07-120: Reappointments to West Georgia EMS Council.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas and seconded by Commissioner Rivers, the motion was passed unanimously to reappoint Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council for a one year term.

Commissioner Brown then expressed concerns about the recently tabled inmate contract and whether or not the county might find themselves without an inmate work detail for several weeks until the Board could meet again. He then made a new motion that the contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections be approved, subject to review and possible termination at a later date. He noted that the County could terminate the contract with seven days notice. This was seconded by Commissioner Crumbley and passed 3-1-1 with Commissioner Rivers in dissent and Commissioner Douglas abstaining.

Item 2017-07-121: Executive Session: Personnel, Litigation and Real Estate.
Commissioner Douglas made a motion to go into Executive Session for Personnel, Litigation and Real Estate discussion, seconded by Commissioner Brown with unanimous consent. The board later reconvened upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas and seconded by Commissioner Brown.

Item 2017-07-122: Attorney Summary of Executive Session
Mr. O’Quinn gave the summary of executive session and stated that the board met to discuss a potential lawsuit against the County; the potential acquisition of a piece of real estate and the performance of a County employee. No decision was made on the purchase of property.

Item 2017-07-122: A motion was then made by Commissioner Brown to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Douglas with unanimous consent.

Ratified August 14, 2017