MAY 8, 2017
Ken Rivers, District 1
Robert Henderson, District 2, Chairman
Joe Brown, District 3, Vice Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Russ Crumbley, District 5

Keith Moffett, County Administrator
Chiquita Barkley, Controller/ County Clerk
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney

Workshop: The Board of Commissioners participated in a workshop from 4 PM until 6PM to receive information on the following county initiatives:

• WS-2017-013: Presentations from Butts County DFACS, Health Department, Life Enrichment Team, McIntosh Trail Headstart and the Butts County Historical Society.

• WS2017-014: Riley Road Discussion

• WS2017-015: Presentation by Dr. Moffett on the proposed preliminary FY2018 budget.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, Chairman Henderson concluded the meeting. The Board convened with all members present and Chairman Henderson then called the May 8, 2017 meeting to order at 6:10 PM after a short recess. He welcomed all present. He then asked Commissioner Crumbley to give the invocation, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2017-05-069: Approval of Docket
Upon a motion by Commissioner Rivers, seconded by Commissioner Crumbley, the docket was approved with unanimous consent and the addition of one item by Commissioner Brown concerning solid waste issues. Mr. Brewer moved the new item to number 076.

Item 2017-05-070: Upon a motion by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Rivers, the Board approved the minutes of the April meetings with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-05-071: Public Comment: None

Item 2017-05-072: Presentation and approval of the FY2018 Preliminary Budget for Advertising. Commissioner Brown made a motion to approve the preliminary FY2018 budget for purposes of advertising the budget, with the acknowledgement that the budget would not be approved until the June 12, 2017 commission meeting. Commissioner Crumbley seconded for discussion. Following discussion, the board voted to approve by a vote of 4 to 1, with Commissioner Rivers in dissent.

Item 2017-05-073: Notification of Board Appointments. Mr. Brewer notified the board members that seats were coming up for renewal or appointment to the Board of Elections, Board of Zoning Appeals, Board of DFACS and the Construction Board of Appeals. He requested that Commissioners bring candidate applications for a vote at the June meeting.

Item 2017-05-074: Public Hearing to Abandon a Portion of Edwards Road. The county attorney opened the public meeting and acknowledged that notifications have been mailed to all contiguous property owners of record. Commissioner Crumbley also stated for the record that he was disclosing a relationship to one of the property owners (Mills) being a second cousin but that counsel had ruled he was eligible to participate in the public hearing and subsequent vote. During the public hearing, the following persons spoke: James McLendon, Patricia Worley, John Patrick and David Massey. Following the closure of the public hearing, Commissioner Crumbley made a motion that the County abandon a section of Edwards Road because it would be in the best interests of the County and the public to do and further stated that the section to be abandoned begins at the intersection of Dean Patrick Road and continued east to the point Edwards Road crosses a creek bordered by the Olin Mills property to the North and the Ann McClelland property to the South; all portions of the road west of the creek crossing are to be abandoned. This was seconded by Commissioner Rivers with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-05-075: Presentation of Bids for Award of Bid on Riley Road. Commissioner Brown made a motion to engage our public works department to pave Riley Road without water line improvements, which would have to be handled by the City of Flovilla, and at a cap not to exceed $400,000.00 total, seconded by Commissioner Rivers with unanimous consent. In making this motion, the County officially rejects all bids received by qualified bidders and elects to do this work in house due to considerable cost savings objectives.

Item 2017-05-076: Solid Waste collection issue added by Commissioner Brown. Commissioner Brown stated that he had received numerous complaints from citizens of the county regarding the services being provided by Countywide Waste Disposal, a private waste disposal company licensed to do business in the county. It was stated for the record that the county does not arrange for solid waste pick up, that this is handled only by private companies and that the county is not able to regulate industry. It was recommended that the public seek other waste disposal companies if they were unable to obtain satisfactory services from Countywide Waste Disposal.

Item 2017-05-077: Executive Session. Commissioner Rivers made a motion to go into Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Brown for the purposes of Litigation and Personnel. The board then voted unanimously to do so, reconvening later upon a motion by Commissioner Rivers and seconded by Commissioner Crumbley with unanimous consent. Mr. O’Quinn then stated for the record that the Board had discussed matters of litigation and personnel.

Item 2017-05-078: Executive Session. Commissioner Rivers then made a motion to go back into Executive Session for a Real Estate discussion, seconded by Commissioner Crumbley with unanimous consent. The board later reconvened upon a motion by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Douglas.

Item 2017-05-078: A motion was then made by Commissioner Brown to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Douglas with unanimous consent.

Ratified this 12th Day of June, 2017