APRIL 25, 2017
Ken Rivers, District 1
Robert Henderson, District 2, Chairman
Joe Brown, District 3, Vice Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Russ Crumbley, District 5

Keith Moffett, County Administrator
Chiquita Barkley, Controller/ County Clerk
Michael Brewer, Government Relations Director
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney
Christy Lawson, Zoning Administrator

Workshop: The Board of Commissioners participated in a workshop from 4 PM until 6PM to receive information on the following county initiatives:

• WS-2017-012: An update from the County Architect Bill Tunnell and Architect Heather Hubble on test fits for various configurations of county judicial space needs and assessments of current facilities.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, Chairman Henderson concluded the meeting. The Board convened with all members present and Chairman Henderson then called the April 25, 2017 called meeting to order at 6PM and welcomed all present. He then asked Commissioner Rivers to give the invocation, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2017-04-063: Approval of Docket
Upon a motion by Commissioner Brown, seconded by Commissioner Rivers, the docket was approved with unanimous consent and a real estate need added to the Executive Session portion of the meeting.

Item 2017-04-064: Public Hearing to rezone acreage located on Truck Stop Way from C-2 to M-2 zoning for the purpose of locating a truck salvage center. The owners of the proposed business spoke in favor of and Mr. David Massey spoke neither in favor nor against. Public hearing was closed. Upon a motion by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Rivers, Brown moved that the rezoning be accepted with the condition that it could only be used for the purpose of a truck salvage or reclamation center and not for other uses. Commissioner Rivers then made an additional motion which included all of the conditions stated by Commissioner Brown but which added the condition that a vegetative buffer must be planted around the entire periphery of the property, with the exception of the northwestern side of the property and that the fence would be inspected by Code Enforcement on an annual basis. Commissioner Brown seconded the amended motion. The board voted unanimously to approve the amended motion and allowed the earlier motion to expire.

Item 2017-04-065: Public Hearing to allow a Special Use on acreage located on Truck Stop Way, previously rezoned in Item 064, for the purpose of locating a truck salvage center on the property. A public hearing was then convened with the owners of the property speaking in favor of and Mr. David Massey speaking neither for nor against the Special Use. The public hearing was then closed and Commissioner Rivers made a motion to approve the special use with the same conditions as stated above in item 064, seconded by Commissioner Brown and passed with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-04-066: An approval for a new contract with AT&T was brought before the board by Dr. Moffett. The revised contract will result in a financial savings to the county of approximately $75,000 per year. It was noted that because of the legal requirement that a county cannot enter into a contract that exceeds one year, that AT&T would have to write a revised contract that allows for a self renewal on an annual basis. After further discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Rivers and seconded by Commissioner Douglas to approve the new contract with AT&T, subject to the provision that the amended contract specifically contains the language as specified by the county attorney allowing for multi renewable single year contracts.

Item 2017-04-067: Upon a motion by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Rivers, the board voted to go into executive session with the board of assessors to discuss a personnel matter, to be followed by a real estate matter. Motion approved unanimously. The Board then reconvened upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas and seconded by Commissioner Crumbley.

Mr. O’Quinn then gave a summary of the meeting, stating that the Board had met with the Board of Assessors on a personnel matter, then had discussed a matter regarding a piece of county property.

Item 2017-04-068: A motion was then made by Commissioner Brown to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Douglas with unanimous consent.

Ratified this 8th Day of May, 2017