123rd Session Covering Calendar Year 2021
2021-2022 Biennium
Minutes of the Board of Commissioners for April 12, 2021

☐ Ken Rivers, District 1
☐ Robert Henderson, District 2
☐ Joe Brown, District 3, Chairman
☐ Keith Douglas, District 4 Vice Chairman
☐ Russ Crumbley, District 5

Executive Staff:
☐ Brad Johnson, County Manager
☐ J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Manager
☐ Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
☐ Andrew J. Welch, III, County Attorney

Section 1: Workshop
Chairman Joe Brown called the workshop to order at 5:00 PM with all Members seated. The following workshop items were discussed:

• A referendum on a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
• A proposed amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance on paving requirements for vehicle yards and parking lots.
• Appointments to Authorities, Boards and Committees

The workshop was concluded with the decision to advance the amendments to the UDO to the regular meeting docket for action by the Board. The workshop was then adjourned at 5:35 PM

Section 2: Regular Meeting

Chairman Brown called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Item 2021-04-061 Approval of Docket
Mr. Brewer requested than an action item be added to the docket to provide for a vote by the Board on the proposed amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance and that this be added under Community and Economic Development as Item 66 and that all other docket items be moved down one number. Mr. Rivers made a motion to approve the docket, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2021-04-062 Approval of March Minutes
Mr. Brewer requested that the Commission approve the minutes of the meetings held in March 2021. Mr. Douglas made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent.

Section 3: New Business Presentations

Item 2021-04-063 Special Recognitions
Under Public Affairs, the following recognitions were offered by Staff for approval by the Members:

• Central Georgia EMC, the Board of Commissioners and the Butts County School Board for Broadband Initiative Partnership agreement to advance broadband in Butts County

• Proclamation for National Telecommunicator Week. Mr. Rivers moved to approve the proclamation, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2021-04-064 Report of the Board of Assessors on 2021 Tax Digest
Mr. Charles Brodie stated that 14,000 assessments went out in the mail today. Persons wishing to appeal their assessments have until May 27 to file an appeal. Mr. Brodie said that there has been tremendous growth in development and sales in the county have gone up to the point that it is a “sellers market” right now. Sale prices drive assessments and when prices of sales go up on average, it raises the values of other properties in the County.

Item 2021-04-065 Public Hearing for Kickoff Meeting on the Comprehensive Plan Update
The next item was a required public hearing to present the process for updating the Comprehensive Plan. This was presented by Zoning Administrator Christy Lawson to the board. Our 20-year comprehensive plan process has to be updated every five years. This allows us to retain our qualified local government designation and accounts for changes in the community and the local environment, keeping the plan current and up-to-date. No one from the public offered comment and the public hearing was thus closed. No action was required.

Item 2021-04-066 Approval of Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance
Having held all required public hearings on this matter earlier in the year, Mr. Rivers made a motion to approve the amended section of the unified development ordinance and that said amendment would contain language specified by the County Engineer that defined paving criteria for affected vehicle yards and parking lots. Mr. Crumbley seconded the motion and it was approved with unanimous consent. The amendment reads as follows:


WHEREAS, the Butts County Board of Commissioners adopted a Unified Development Ordinance (“UDO”) in 2016; and

WHEREAS, to better serve the public welfare and exercise is police powers, the Board wishes to amend the UDO to provide for vehicle yards and associated requirements including, but not limited to, location, fencing, landscaping and surface treatment; and,

WHEREAS, the County has conducted duly noticed and published public hearings before the Planning Commission on September 10, 2020 and again on February 11, 2021 which recommended approval; the Board of Commissioners conducted and held a duly noticed public hearing on February 22, 2021 to so amend the UDO.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED, AND IT HEREBY IS ORDAINED, by virtue of the authority vested in the Board of Commissioners of Butts County by law that the UDO of Butts County, Georgia, is hereby amended as follows:


Section 2.02.02 of the Unified Development Ordinance, which provides a Table of Permitted Uses, shall be amended to add as a new row Vehicle Yard, without an associated primary structure on the same lot, which shall be permitted as shown on the applicable row of the Table as follows:

Uses & Structures A-R R-1 R-2 R-3 R-4 R-5 R-M P-M P-R O-1 C-1 C-2 M-1 M-2 M-3
Vehicle Yard, without an associated primary structure on the same lot SU SU SU

Section 5.02 of the Unified Development Ordinance shall be amended by addition of a new Section 5.02.08, entitled “Vehicle Yard”, as follows:

5.02.08 Vehicle Yard

A. Section Specific Definitions.
1. “Operational” as defined under this section shall mean in a condition in which the vehicle may be driven-off or, if a trailer, pulled-off the premises without the need of any maintenance or repair other than inflating tires or adding electricity or fuel.
2. “Vehicle yard” as defined under this section shall mean an enclosed area of land as specified under this section for the temporary parking of operational vehicles.
3. “Vehicle(s)” as defined under this section shall mean an automobile, truck or trailer with a chassis on wheels with tires, including only the following types of such vehicles: cars, recreational vehicles, pull-behind camping trailers, pull-behind boat trailers (with or without a boat), truck-tractors and semi-trailers.

B. Approval of a special use permit for a vehicle yard shall follow the administrative procedures contained in Section 10.02.04. In addition to those standards for approval contained in Section 10.02.04(G), the following conditions must be met for the property to be used as a vehicle yard:

1. Single Use & Acerage. Vehicle yard is not permitted with a primary or accessory structure on the lot or any other use of the property. The property which may be used for a vehicle yard shall be no less than one-half an acre (0.5 acre) and no more than five (5) acres.
2. Temporary Parking. Vehicles may not remain in the vehicle yard for a period longer than thirty (30) consecutive days.
3. Road Frontage. The property to be used for a vehicle yard shall have at least sixty (60) feet of frontage on a county road which does not preclude truck traffic and shall not have frontage on a state highway.
4. Fencing and Security. The vehicle yard shall have a fence at least eight (8) feet in height. The fence shall be masonry, wood, or chain-link as approved by the Planning Commission or the Director, shall be maintained and replaced when in disrepair, and shall be set back from the property line no less than ten (10) feet. The vehicle yard shall be secured with security cameras and restricted or limited access and shall be illuminated with downcast LED lighting.
5. Landscaping and Screening. The vehicle yard shall have a landscaped buffer which shall be planted in such a manner and with such vegetation to screen the fence from all rights-of-way and adjoining properties. Said landscaped buffer shall be planted between the property line and the required fence. Landscaping for screening purposes shall include hedges, trees, or comparable natural plantings as approved by the Director that are of a rapid growth species a minimum height of five (5) feet at time of planting and shall be maintained and replaced when the plants die.
6. Surface Treatment. Parking and driving surfaces inside and outside the fenced yard must be a paved surface. The surface treatment shall be constructed in accordance with the following minimum standards and subject to inspection and review by the County Engineer: Compacted soil subgrade; compacted graded aggregate base for storage of automobiles or vehicles similar weight or 8 inch compacted graded aggregate base for vehicles of greater weight such as tractor trailers; 2 inch asphalt binder; and 1.5 inch asphalt topping.


A. Severability Clause. It is the express intention of the Board of Commissioners that each independent provision of this amendment should be adopted, and the Board of Commissioners would have adopted each such independent provision even if the others had not been adopted. Therefore, in the event that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this amendment or the UDO to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, it is the intent of the Board of Commissioners that the offending provision be severed, and all lawful provisions remain in force.

B. General Repealer. Any ordinance not expressly addressed by this ordinance that is inconsistent with the provisions herein is expressly repealed to the extent that it conflicts with the provisions of this amending ordinance.

C. Effective Date. The public welfare demanding, this ordinance shall be effective immediately after its adoption

Item 2021-04-067 County Resolution CR202110 Amending Budget and Position Count
Under Governmental Affairs, Mr. Brewer presented Resolution CR202110 to amend the current FY2021 Budget Resolution with regards to position count, re-creating the position of Director of Community Development and terminating the position of Special Projects Director, which is no longer filled or needed. Mr. Douglas moved to approve the resolution, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent. The resolution shall be entered upon the Book of Resolutions, Volume 1.

Item 2021-04-068 County Resolution CR20211 Fixing Appointments to Boards
Mr. Brewer presented resolution CR202111 to appoint persons to DFACS Board of Directors and to the Board of Elections. Mr. Rivers made a motion that all language pertaining to the appointment of an individual to the DFACS Board of Directors be stricken from the resolution, seconded by Mr. Crumbley and approved with unanimous consent.

Mr. Douglas then made a motion to approve the amended resolution, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent. The resolution appoints Mrs. Brenda Head to the Board of Elections to complete the unexpired term of Leslie Medlock, who resigned from the Board of Elections. The resolution shall be entered upon the Book of Resolutions, Volume 1.

Item 2021-04-069 Purchase of Work Truck for Facilities Department
Under Budget and Fiscal Affairs, Mr. Johnson presented a request to replace a pickup truck currently utilized by the maintenance and facilities department which had over 350,000 miles on it and is now deficient. This purchase would be made through established state contract pricing and is the vehicle used to transport the inmate work detail used by the facilities department. Mr. Rivers moved to approve the purchase, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent.

Item 2021-04-070 Purchase of Commercial Mower for Public Works
Director Kip Washington came before the board to request the replacement of a commercial mower. This mower is used for cutting right of way and other properties and is currently deficient. The old unit would be moved into a backup status for the new one if purchased. Mr. Crumbley moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2021-04-071 Monthly Reports by County Officers
Under Reports and Information, Chief Financial Officer Rhonda Blissit reported that with 75% of the Fiscal Year complete, the County has received 97% of anticipated annual revenue and has expended 74% of the budget, which indicates that revenues are far ahead of expenditures.

Deputy County Manager Michael Brewer gave the monthly report on County Operations by departments under the Board of Commissioners and noted that all departments were busier in March than in February.

County Manager Brad Johnson gave the report on Activities and Information to the Board and reminded them of upcoming events including the May 12th Budget Retreat.

Item 2021-04-072 Adjournment
With no Public Comment scheduled and no need to enter upon an Executive Session, Mr. Crumbley made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Douglas. The meeting was thus adjourned at 6:42 PM.

Ratified this 10th Day of May, 2021 in open session

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners
Joe Brown, Chairman of the Board


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned minutes of the Butts County Board of Commissioners are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the open meeting designated for the date and times stated herein.

J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Manager
Sitting as Clerk of the 123rd Session
Butts County Board of Commissioners