Ken Rivers, District 1, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4, Vice Chairman
Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5
Robert Henderson, District 2

Steve Layson, County Administrator
Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney
Ben Vaughn, County Attorney-Elect

Section 1: Workshop
Chairman Rivers brought the March 11, 2019 workshop to order at 5:00 PM. The commissioners then heard presentations on the following items:

  • A discussion on public safety radio needs for the Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and 911
  • A presentation on cost options for the Historic Butts County Courthouse restoration project.
  • A presentation from Sandra Haisten of the McIntosh Trail Community Service Board was scheduled; however, Ms. Haisten was not present and the workshop was in recess until 6PM.

The workshop adjourned at 6:00 PM and the regular meeting was called to order and opened with the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.

Section 2: Regular Session: Preliminaries and Recognitions
Item 2019-03-053: Adoption of the Docket with Changes (1)
Motion to Adopt: Douglas
Second to Motion: Crumbley
Amendments: Item 071 Public Comment removed by Mr. Brewer due to no submissions.
Status: Passage with unanimous consent, 5-0.

Item 2019-03-054: Approval of March 4 Called Meeting Minutes
Motion to Approve: Douglas
Second to Motion: Brown
Status: Passage with unanimous consent, 5-0.

Item 2019-03-055 Recognition of Leisure Services Basketball Teams
Kevin Patterson of the Leisure Services Department presented undefeated teams from the Recreation Basketball League to the Board. Chairman Rivers presented each player with a medal.

Item 2019-03-056 Recognition of Michael A. O’Quinn
Mr. Brewer read a proclamation recognizing County Attorney Michael A. O’Quinn for his service to Butts County in this position since his initial appointment in 1996. This will be Mr. O’Quinn’s last meeting with the County as its County Attorney as he will begin a new position with ACCG.

Item 2019-02-039: County Resolution CR201907 Amending the Code of Butts County
Under Old Business, Mr. Brewer read the caption on a resolution introduced in February and revised by the County Attorney that would amend the code of the county in sections pertaining to the budget and the processes of budget. The existing code has several inconsistent passages, including language that is out of date and impossible to follow under existing laws and it requires a number of text amendments to correct. Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Douglas, the board voted with unanimous consent to approve the resolution to take immediate effect and to transmit the revisions to MuniCode for codification.

Item 2019-03-057 Introduction of New County Attorney
Chairman Rivers recognized new County Attorney appointee Ben Vaughn and introduced him to the assemblage. Mr. Vaughn made brief remarks.

Item 2019-03-058 Approval of Risk Assessment Policy
A risk assessment policy created by the finance department was presented to the board for approval. This policy was a requirement that resulted in a finding in the most recent audit report presented by the County Auditor. Mr. Henderson made a motion to approve the policy, seconded by Mr. Douglas and passed with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-059 EMS Vehicles Purchase
County Administrator Steve Layson presented to the board the need to replace an ambulance and a quick response vehicle for the fire department that were aged and in dire need of replacement. He requested permission from the board to pursue options for a lease purchase agreement with ACCG. Mr. Douglas made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-060 Private Street for Hotel Development at 16 and I-75
Planning Director Christy Lawson informed the board that a private developer who is putting in a hotel at Highway 16 and I 75 and who was required to put a road to service this hotel in place had a desire for the road to remain privately owned and maintained as opposed to becoming a County road. The road in question would be built to the standards required by the county in all areas except in width. The Developer desires also that the road be named “Hospitality Lane”. Commissioner Crumbley made a motion to approve the private street with conditions, said conditions being that it be recorded in the deed for any future property owners that it is clearly understood that the street in question is privately owned and shall not ever be conveyed to or be the responsibility of, Butts County to maintain or regulate. Mr. Brown seconded and the private street was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-061 Appointments to the Two Rivers RC&DC
Mr. Brewer presented the names of Kip Washington and Tommy Presley to be appointed to the Two Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Council to replace Marty Long and Millard Daniel. Mr. Henderson moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-062 Appointment of Broker and Agent of Record for Health Insurance
Mr. Layson informed the board that the county had completed an RFQ for broker services to handle the county health insurance as had been requested previously by the board. The unanimous recommendation of the staff was to reappoint MSI Benefits to be the broker and agent of record out of five companies that submitted. Mr. Douglas moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-063 Resolution CR201909 Affirming Senate Bill 371
Mr. Layson presented County resolution CR 201909 to the board for approval. This resolution is required in order for counties to request certain information from the Georgia Department of Revenue regarding special purpose local option sales tax revenues and how they are reported. Mr. Douglas moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-064 Resolution CR201910 Delineating Henderson Mill Road
Mr. Brewer presented County resolution CR 201910 to the board for approval. This resolution defines the exact length of Henderson Mill Road at 1230 feet from its beginning at Higgins Road. Mr. Douglas motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-065 Resolution CR201911 on Driver Services Center at Southern Crescent
Mr. Brewer presented County resolution CR 201911 to the board for approval. This resolution contains provisions allowing the relocation of the Georgia driver services center from its current location at Highway 36 and I 75 to the campus owned by the county and occupied by Southern Crescent Technical College. It also authorizes the chairman of the board of commissioners to sign any and all associated paperwork. Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas and seconded by Mr. Crumbley, the board approved the resolution with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-066 Resolution CR201912 on Local Legislation to Amend a Bill
Mr. Brewer presented County resolution CR 201912 to the board for approval. This resolution would authorize our legislative delegation to present a bill to the General Assembly to modify a 1969 Act of the legislature that establishes the Butts County Courthouse Fund. The resolution would raise fine amounts that go into the courthouse fund from $5.00to $15.00, as well as clarify that the fond is for the exclusive use of the Historic Courthouse and for other purposes. Mr. Brown made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-067 Finance Officer Report
Rhonda Blissit, CFO presented the monthly financial report and noted that with 67% of the year completed, that the county has collected 74% of the budget and has expanded 69% of the budget. She also presented the annual budget calendar.

Item 2019-03-068 County Administrator Report
Mr. Layson reported on various county initiatives and status reports for the month.

Item 2019-03-069 Executive Session for Personnel
Mr. Crumbley made a motion to go into executive session for personnel matter, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent. Following the executive session, Mr. Douglas made a motion to reconvene the regular meeting, seconded by Mr. Crumbley with unanimous consent.

Item 2019-03-070 County Attorney Report on Executive Session
Mr. O’Quinn stated the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the County Administrator’s upcoming contract and potential renewal. No decisions were made.

Item 2019-02-042: Adjournment
With no need to go into Executive Session, Mr. Brown moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent, 5-0.

Ratified this 8th Day of April, 2019

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners
Ken Rivers, Chairman of the Board


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned minutes of the Butts County Board of Commissioners are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the open meeting designated for the date and times stated herein.

J. Michael Brewer
Deputy County Administrator
Clerk of Butts County Georgia