Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Robert Henderson, District 2
Ken Rivers, District 1, Vice Chairman

Steve Layson, Interim County Administrator
Michael Brewer, County Clerk, Government Relations Director
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney


Chairman Russ Crumbley called the workshop to order at 5PM and welcomed all present.
The following items were then presented at the workshop:

WS 2018-04-Rae Johnston, County Auditor, gave the annual audit report to the Board of Commissioners

WS 2018-05-Representatives from STIFEL gave updates and options on bonding monies for SPLOST 7 projects approved by voters in the November 2017 Special Election

WS-2018-06-Laura Sistrunk from the IDA gave an update on options for incentives and waiving of fees for industrial development projects.

Following discussion, the workshop adjourned at 5:50 PM

Called Meeting Minutes

Chairman Crumbley brought the Called Meeting to order at 6PM, welcomed all present and requested the Reverend Charles Barlow (present in audience) to give the invocation and asked Commissioner Douglas to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item 2018-02-048: Approval of Docket
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the docket was approved with unanimous consent and no additions or deletions.

Item 2018-02-049: Approval of the Fiscal Year 2017 Audit Report
Rae Johnston had presented the annual audit report at the earlier workshop. Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the Board approved the fiscal year 2017 audit report, presented by Rae Johnston, County Auditor, with direction to the County Administrator to ensure that all findings in the report were addressed and to take any necessary corrective actions.

Item 2018-02-050: Charter Committee Discussion
The Board held a discussion on the kickoff meeting of the Charter Committee to study consolidation. Mr. Rivers informed the board that Dave Wills of ACCG would come and present an overview to educate the committee on their role. Charter Committee member David Nestor addressed the board to get clarification on the scope of the committee. Former County Commissioners Eddie Travis and Fred Head also discussed the purpose of the committee. This was a discussion item and no action by the board was required or undertaken on this matter.

Item 2018-02-051: Vote to Proceed on Public Bond Offering
Following discussion and an earlier presentation by STIFEL, who will be serving as bond underwriters, Mr. Rivers made a motion to accept a recommendation from the Interim County Administrator to move forward with a public bond offering managed through STIFEL, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-02-052: Vote to Prepare and Release Requests for Qualifications from Architects
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board voted with unanimous consent to move forward with the release of a Request for Qualifications from architectural and construction firms in concert with the bonding process of SPLOST funds on the two building projects approved by the voters in the most recent SPLOST. This includes a renovation of the Courthouse and an addition for court services added onto the County Administration Building.

Item 2018-02-053: Discussion on Letter of Support for Henderson Campus Project
The board heard a presentation from Reverend Charlie Barlow of the Henderson Alumni Focus Group who is interested in securing and restoring the old Henderson Campus on N. Mulberry St. for use as an education and workforce center. Following the presentation, Mr. Rivers made a motion to provide a letter of support of the Henderson project, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent. The letter of support does not include nor is intended to indicate financial support, only the endorsement of the project as a benefit to the community.

Item 2018-02-054: Placement of Little Free Library
In response to a letter of request from the Butts County Retired Educators Association, Mr. Douglas made a motion to allow the organization to place a Little Free Library receptacle at the county administration building, pending the approval of a location by the facilities director. This was seconded by Mr. Brown and adopted with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-02-055: Presentation on Housing
Planning and Development Director Christy Lawson made a presentation to the board, giving an overview of housing standards as currently defined in the uniform development ordinance. During the discussion, it was highlighted that a need existed in the county for smaller homes of higher quality that are desired by retiring citizens who may want to downsize from a larger home. Currently, all of the smaller houses are considered starter homes and do not include the amenities desired by many persons over 55. There was no need for action taken in this matter.

Item 2018-02-056: Approval of Agreement with Department of Corrections
Upon a motion by Mr. Henderson and seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board authorized the chairman to sign an agreement with the Department of Corrections that would govern how the County handles and relates to inmate work crew details. Mr. Douglas abstained due to a conflict of interest in that he is employed with the Department of Corrections. The remainder of the board voted with unanimous consent to approve.

Item 2018-02-057: Executive Session for Personnel
Mr. Rivers moved to enter Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent. Mr. Henderson later motioned to reconvene normal session, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent. Mr. O’Quinn stated that the board has discussed a personnel matter that falls under the Board’s purview that included adopting of a new organization chart that would transfer Animal Control and Code Enforcement, plus their personnel, under the Sheriff’s Office. A motion was then made by Mr. Rivers to approve the new chart, seconded by Mr. Henderson with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-02-058: Adjournment Motion
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown and seconded by Mr. Hendeson, the board adjourned the meeting with unanimous consent.