JANUARY 9, 2018

Joe Brown, District 3
Russ Crumbley, District 5, Chairman
Keith Douglas, District 4
Robert Henderson, District 2
Ken Rivers, District 1, Vice Chairman

Steve Layson, Interim County Administrator
Michael Brewer, County Clerk, Government Relations Director
Chiquita Barkley, County Controller
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney


The Board of Commissioners met at 5:30 PM for a workshop to discuss a number of items on the agenda for the 6:00 PM meeting. These included the First Reading on an Outdoor Burning Ordinance, a GCIC Policy for Records Retention and a Policy for Appointments to Boards. The workshop concluded at 5:50 PM and the Board was in recess until 6:00 PM.

Chairman Robert Henderson called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 PM and welcomed all present. He then asked Commissioner Douglas to give the invocation, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Item 2018-01-001: Approval of Docket (with no additions)
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Rivers, the docket was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-01-002: Approval of December 2017 Minutes
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Crumbley, the minutes were approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-01-003: Election of Chairman for 2018
Chairman Robert Henderson relinquished the gavel and turned the meeting over to County Clerk Michael Brewer. Mr. Brewer then declared the Chairman’s seat vacant and called for nominations for Chairman. Mr. Henderson nominated Russ Crumbley for Chairman. With no further nominations offered, Mr. Brewer called for a motion to close nominations and elect Russ Crumbley as Chairman, which was moved by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Brown and approved with unanimous consent. Mr. Brewer then relinquished the gavel to Chairman Crumbley, who thanked the other commissioners for their confidence in him.

Item 2018-01-004: Election of Vice Chairman for 2018
Chairman Crumbley declared the Vice Chairman’s seat vacant and called for nominations for Vice Chairman. Mr. Henderson nominated Ken Rivers for Vice Chairman. With no further nominations offered, Chairman Crumbley called for a motion to close nominations and elect Ken Rivers as Vice Chair, which was moved by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Douglas and approved 4-0 with Mr. Rivers abstaining.

Item 2018-01-005: Reappointment of County Attorney
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Brown, the board voted with unanimous consent to reappoint Mike O’Quinn as County Attorney.

Item 2018-01-006: Appointment of County Auditor
Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board voted with unanimous consent to reappoint Haisten and Johnston as the designated county auditors for 2018. Said auditors have served in this position the previous year.

Item 2018-01-007: Proclamation of Law Enforcement Week in Butts County
Mr. Brewer read a proclamation declaring the week of January 15 as law enforcement appreciation week in Butts County and requested approval by the board. Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board voted with unanimous consent to approve the following:

WHEREAS, The health and safety of all citizens is important to the happiness, prosperity and well-being of all Butts County families and communities; and

WHEREAS, We appreciate the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and their family members on a daily basis in order to protect our schools, workplaces, roadways, and homes; and;

WHEREAS, Law enforcement officers play such an integral part in our society and serve as the guardians of our way of life and they deserve our support and respect, now, therefore be it:

RESOLVED: That the Butts County Board of Commissioners hereby proclaims the week of January 15, 2018 as Law Enforcement Appreciation Week in Butts County and call upon all citizens of Butts County to take the time to show their support for law enforcement officers.

Item 2018-01-008: Resolution Honoring Robert L. Henderson, Sr.
Mr. Brewer read a resolution to honor Robert L Henderson for his service as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners during the 2017 calendar year. Mr. Brown made a motion to approve the resolution, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2017-12-201: Appointments and Reappointments
Mr. Brewer notified the board that he had received one submitted application for service on the Library Board and named Peggy Smith as a qualified applicant. Upon a motion by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the Board voted with unanimous consent to confirm the appointment.

Item 2018-01-009: Setting of Qualification Fees
Upon a motion by Commissioner Douglas, seconded by Commissioner Henderson, the Board voted with unanimous consent to approve a Resolution to Set Qualifying Fees for 2018 as denoted below:

WHEREAS: The laws of the State of Georgia require that qualifying fees for all elected offices of the County and School Board be set by the Governing Authority of the County, now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That we, the Butts County Board of Commissioners, adopt the following Qualifying Fees in accordance with State Law; that we authorize the Chairman to sign on our behalf; and that we authorize the Clerk of Butts County to publish the approved list in the Legal Organ of Butts County, passed in Open Session this 9th Day of January, 2018.

Sheriff $1779.86
Clerk of Court $1491.65
Tax Comm $1491.65
Probate Judge $1491.65
Chief Magis $1491.65
Commissioner $270.00
Coroner $161.98
School Board $144.00
County Surveyor $10.00

Item 2018-01-010: First Reading of Proposed Outdoor Burning Ordinance
Mr. Goens presented a proposed Outdoor Burning Ordinance for Commercial Burning to the board. This will be considered a First Reading and will move forward to a Second Reading in February.

Item 2018-01-011: Adjustment of Taxes for H. Mitchell Properties
Mr. O’Quinn presented a request for the Board to approve a one-time tax adjustment for H. Mitchell Properties in conjunction with a court ordered settlement. Mr. Rivers made a motion to grant the adjustment due to it being part of a court order and settlement, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-01-012: Approval of Policy for Criminal History Records Handling, Retention
Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers, seconded by Mr. Henderson, the board voted with unanimous consent to approve the policy recommended by the Georgia Crime Information Center for the handling and retention of criminal history record information processed by Planning and Development.

Item 2018-01-013: Approval of Policy for Appointments to Boards and Committees
Upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Rivers, the board voted with unanimous consent to approve the aforementioned policy. Due to this being a Commissioner’s Policy, it is included herein as follows:

Subject: Procedure for Appointments to Boards, Committees and Related

Purpose: the purpose of this policy is to define how persons shall be appointed to serve on various Boards, Committee’s, and other similar bodies where such appointment is under the purview of the Board of Commissioners. For the purposes of this policy, the following types of bodies shall be considered:

I. Bodies solely appointed by the Board of Commissioners, whether statutory or discretionary. Statutory shall mean bodies that are created by law, legislative acts or the code of the county government. Discretionary shall mean bodies that are created and dissoluble at the discretion of the Commission, including committees, study panels, community service boards or related. Discretionary boards shall continue at the pleasure of the board or may self-terminate when said body’s purpose has concluded, whichever comes first.

II. Bodies where one or more persons are appointed by the Board of Commissioners as delegates to or members of a board where multiple agencies or entities may also have delegates or representatives on the board.


A. The Office of the County Clerk shall maintain a list of all boards, committees and related bodies that the Board of Commissioners either appoints all or some members to and will also maintain the names of persons serving on said body by appointment of the Board of Commissioners and when appointment expires.

B. The Clerk of Butts County shall notify the Board of Commissioners at least one regular meeting prior to any regular meeting where appointments will need to be made of any seats that will need to be filled at that meeting. For example, if a seat will need to be voted on at the February meeting, the Clerk will notify the Board of such seats at the January meeting.

C. Once said notification is made, the Clerk will then advertise the open seats on the County website, social media, on the post-meeting radio address and print media and shall provide a deadline for application ahead of the date when commission member packages are sent out.

D. All new applicants for positions will be required to fill out a standard application for board service; all existing seated members of appointed boards and committees will be required to submit a letter to the Clerk stating whether they desire to be reappointed to their seat or not. The Board shall consider those wishing to be reappointed to a position but are in no way obligated to reappoint a member should they choose to appoint a new applicant to a seat coming open.

E.The Clerk shall ascertain, where possible, from the body whether the incumbent member who wishes to be reappointed is meeting the requirements for attendance, required training and participation, as a gauge of effectiveness on said body. The Clerk shall also ascertain whether the incumbent still meets the residency requirements, if applicable.

F. The Clerk shall submit a written report to the County Administrator and to the Board of Commissioners of all parties who have either applied for a seat on an appointed body or who have expressed a desire for reappointment prior to the Commission meeting where appointments will be made. Letters of support from appointed body chairpersons or staff will be considered if offered.

G. The Clerk shall present each open seat to the Board of Commissioners at the appropriate meeting for the Board to vote on.

H. The Board shall fill the positions under the provisions of Roberts Rules of Order. In the event that there are multiple candidates for the same board seat, the Chairman may choose to issue ballots for each commissioner to vote.

I. In the event of a tie vote (generally in the case of a commissioner having to recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest), the County Administrator shall decide the matter by coin toss.

J. The Clerk shall arrange for all appointees/reappointees or rejected candidates to be notified of the Board’s decision.

Item 2018-01-014: Approval of Application for Community Development Block Grant
Mr. Layson notified the board that the previous year’s attempt to obtain a CDBG that would pay substantial costs towards the paving of Isaac Head Road had been denied by the state but that grant writer Linda Carroll believed that there was sufficient merit for reapplying again in 2018. He requested the board approve the resubmission of the grant application and upon a motion by Mr. Douglas, seconded by Mr. Brown, this was approved with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-01-015: Letter of Support for Development Authority
Ms. Laura Sistrunk presented a request for the Board for clarification and guidance on development activities for future use of the Overlay District and I-75 areas. This will be further discussed at a future meeting.

Item 2018-01-016: Attorney Report on Disposing of Properties
Mr. O’Quinn presented a report to the board on two pieces of properties that the County owns from tax sales that adjacent property owners would like to obtain. Mr. Douglas motioned that the Attorney continue his research on this and bring back a recommendation to the board, seconded by Mr. Brown with unanimous consent.

Item 2018-01-017: County Administrator Reports
Mr. Layson gave an update to the Board on finances, buildings, SPLOST and other ongoing programs. The Commission then discussed the idea of putting together a committee or study group to look at our recreation programs and determine how programs and offerings could be improved and citizen use of facilities could be enhanced.

Item 2018-01-018: Executive Session for Real Estate, Litigation and Personnel
Mr. Rivers moved to enter Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent. Mr. Douglas later motioned to reconvene normal session, seconded by Mr. Rivers with unanimous consent.

Mr. O’Quinn stated that the board has discussed a potential piece of property that they were interested in acquiring, as well as a litigation matter and two personnel matters that fall under the Board’s purview.

Item 2018-01-019: Public Comment
There was no public comment submitted to the Board.

Item 2018-01-020: Adjournment Motion
Upon a motion by Mr. Rivers and seconded by Mr. Douglas, the board adjourned the meeting with unanimous consent.