Roger McDaniel, Chairman
Gator Hodges, Commissioner                                                                                           
Robert L. Henderson, Commissioner
J. Keith Douglas, Vice Chairman
Mike Patterson, Commissioner


J. Michael Brewer, Interim County Administrator
Jessica Reynolds, County Clerk
Douglas Manning, Community Services Director
Christina Lawson, Zoning Administrator
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney

A regular meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was held on May 14th, 2012 at 5:00 P.M.  Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to order and to enter into a workshop.

Mr. John Parker, City Manager Forest Park was on to speak but was a no show.

Mr. McDaniel started the workshop out by discussion on items on the agenda for the regular meeting.

Chairman McDaniel asked for a motion to enter into Executive Session for Real Estate, Pending Litigation and Personnel; Mr. Hodges motioned to enter into executive session, seconded by Mr. Henderson with a 5-0 vote recorded.  Mr. Patterson motioned to reconvene, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Mr. O’Quinn stated the board needed to authorize the chairman to sign the affidavit for Executive Session per the Open Meeting Act.  Mr. Patterson motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.

After the invocation and pledge, Mr. McDaniel opened with Docket 2012-05-050: Approval of Agenda/Additional Items; Mr. Brewer requested to add the Occupational Tax Ordinance into Old Business as number 46, to add the prom video after employee recognition and three requisitions to the consent agenda from C.W. Matthews for Bibb Station Road.  Mr. Hodges requested to move item numbers 067, 062 and 060 to the top above before item number 052.  Mr. Patterson motioned to approve seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 vote.

Docket 2012-05-051: Approval of the May 2012 meeting minutes, Mr. Douglas motioned to approve seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 vote.

Employee Recognition; Mr. Brewer stated that Butts County has been considered a five-star county.  Every meeting two commissioners shall nominate a five-star employee.  This month Gator Hodges would like to nominate Ronall Bridges, site attendant and Robert Henderson would like to nominate Matthew Garrison, Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant.  Each employee was presented an award and gift card.

At this time the board watched a 30 minute video that the Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and Coroner put together for the 2012 prom goers for Jackson High School.

Under old business Docket 2012-04-045: Approval/Re-open of Thomas Ferry Road. Mr. Adams, owner of parcel 2 and 3 of the stated property, spoke to the board and wants to re-open the gates to be able to market the property.  Mr. Butler, property owner to parcel 1, not present, had stated prior that he would agree in re-opening the gate because he would like to market his portion as well.  Mr. Adams stated there would no maintenance that would be needed from the county.  Mr. Adams explained he was just asking for gate #1 to be taken down and to leave gate #2 up for safety issues.  Mr. Hodges motioned to approve that Mr. Adams could remove gate #1 and to move gate #2 back the required distance for a turnaround for other vehicles that came down Thomas Ferry Road, seconded by Mr. Henderson with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Docket #46: Occupational Tax Ordinance; stated it would take effect January 2013.

Docket 2012-05-067: Public Hearing; Case # 05(01)12 Paul Franklin of Friendship, TX and Jackson, GA is requesting a Special Use for a Paint and Body Shop.  The property located at 103 Smith Street, Flovilla GA 30216.  Mrs. Lawson presented a power point presentation with the information regarding the special use.  Public Hearing opened, no comment recorded, Public Hearing closed.  Mr. Patterson questioned if Code Enforcement and the Fire Marshal have approved, Mrs. Lawson answered that it would be inspected after board approval.  Mike Stewart, applicant approached the podium; Mr. Hodges asked Mr. Stewart if he was aware of all the hazard materials and how to dispose of it. Mr. Henderson motioned to approve the special use, seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 recorded.

Docket 2012-05-062: Request to Award Consulting Contract – Re-write – I-75 Overlay District Ordinance and Architectural Design Guideline Standards.  Mr. Manning presented to the board his recommendation, to award the contract to The Collaborative Firm, LLC in the amount of $38,545.00.  This firm was one out of three that were submitted.  Mr. Manning stated that there was a selected committee meet with all four vendors.  Mr. Patterson asked where the other firms were from and if Mr. Manning himself has done business with the above stated firm before.  Mr. Patterson commented that he did references and that The Collaborative Firm was highly recommended.  Mr. Patterson motioned to table the request to check if funds were available, seconded by Mr. Hodges for discussion.  Mr. Hodges questioned Mr. Manning if this was something that needed to be done now.  Mr. Manning replied that this was brought before the board two months ago and that it was take six months for the consultants to do what is required, so yes it does need to be done.  Mr. Patterson asked for the process and to explain.  Mr. Manning stated that there are inconsistency’s that have to be corrected to move forward to complete. With a motion and a second on the floor, Chairman asked for a vote, motion failed 1-4 with Mr. Hodges, Mr. Henderson, Mr. McDaniel and Mr. Douglas against the vote.  Mr. Henderson motioned to approve the award to The Collaborative Firm, seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 4-1 vote with Mr. Patterson opposing.

Docket 2012-05-060: Call for LOST Negotiations; Mr. Brewer presented/stated this is just to notify that Butts County will enter into LOST Negotiations.  Mr. Patterson stated not to do any negotiations with the cities.  Mr. Hodges commented that by law we have to agree to enter in an open meeting. Mr. Hodges also stated that he would like to come up with 2 members from the board, being Mr. Henderson and Mr. McDaniel to represent the board to do the negotiations with the cities. Mr. Douglas asked why not the boards as a whole do the negotiations with cities.  Mr. Henderson stated that they are all adults and don’t want to set confusion.  Mr. Patterson commented that the county needed to hire a professional to do the negotiations, to be better prepared.  Mr. Douglas motioned to sit with all the cities as a whole board to enter into the LOST  Negotiations, seconded by Mr. Henderson, Mr. Patterson opened up for discussion stating that by law LOST is supposed to reduce property tax.  Once split to the cities it will be harder to lower.  Mr. Patterson also stated that he is representing the tax payers not cities.  Chairman asked for a vote, vote passed 5-0.

Docket 2012-05-052: Approval of E-SPLOST Resolution; Byrd Garland was present to explain any questions.  Mr. Brewer stated that the county is the final approval of the SPLOST, and needs to be approved by the board.  Mr. Hodges motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Henderson with a 5-0 recorded.

Docket 2012-05-053:  Insurance Letter of Authorization; Mr. Patterson motioned stated this would be for the board to authorize two years of claim information from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Contribution levels from employer and employees, current plan summaries of in-force plans, current billing statements for all benefits plans, census data of Butts County employees and the length of time current carrier has provided benefits to Butts County Mr. Patterson or whomever to get information from MSI for employee benefits.  The motion died for lack of a second.  Mr. Henderson motioned to allow staff to handle from this day forward, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 4-1 vote recorded with Mr. Patterson opposing.

Docket 2012-05-054:  Formation of Insurance Board; Mr. Patterson withdrew (discussed in workshop)

Docket 2012-05-055:  Time Clock System for Admin Building; Mr. Douglas motioned to allow staff to handle the time, motion died due to lack of a second.  Mr. Patterson motioned to study time clock system to see if needed, motion died due to lack of a second. (discussed in workshop)

Docket 2012-05-056:  Review/Revise Ordinances passed in April; Mr. Patterson withdrew (discussed in workshop)

Docket 2012-05-057:  Reopening of Discussion – Great American Travel Center.  Mr. Patterson motioned to open the conversation with GATC to keep happy attitudes; motion died due to lack of a second.  (discussed in workshop)

Docket 2012-05-058:  Permission to bid for LOST Negotiations; Mr. Patterson motioned to hire a professional to handle the negotiations, motion died due to lack of a second.

Docket 2012-05-059:  Approval to Obligate Funds for LOST Study; Mr. Patterson commented he had spoken with Haisten & Johnston and would like to withdraw.

Docket 2012-05-061:  Clean Up Day in Butts County; Mr. Patterson stated he had a constituent ask if it could be done again.  Mr. Hodges commented saying that it would be too much for the county to handle and that the county doesn’t have the equipment.  Mr. Patterson withdrew

Docket 2012-05-063: Animal Control/Code Enforcement Proposed Fees/Fines FY 2013; First Reading; Mr. Manning presented to the board and stated there were no organization in the Animal Control fines.  Mr. Hodges asked if there was a schedule before and the comment was not with ordinances.  Mr. Patterson asked if there was a need for public hearing and anything to do with the sheriff office, Mr. Manning stated only if there are any cases, and no public hearing.

Docket 2012-05-064:  Animal Control Ordinance Revisions; First Reading; Mr. Manning stated there were things in the ordinance that the county were not doing for example licensing, registrations etc.

Docket 2012-05-065:  Demolition Ordinance; Mr. Manning stated that there was not an ordinance put in place as of right now. Due to an emergency situation this has come up and he would like to waive the first reading.  Mr. Henderson motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas, Discussion opened, Mr. Hodges asked for his reason; Mr. Manning stated that the current situation that’s waiting for the approval tonight, a demo permit was issued but was ordered to stop work because the ordinance issue and because of the size as well and to prevent EPD fining the county. Chairman asked for a vote, 5-0 vote recorded.  Mr. Hodges amended the motion including waiving the second reading as well, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded. (Note: this was passed without a second reading due to the fact that the building in question was already in a partial state of demolition and posed a significant risk of injury to anyone who might be in the vicinity, thus the second reading was waived due to an existing emergency situation)

Docket 2012-05-066:  Request to Approve Conveyance of Midway Road; Mr. Manning stated the owner of the property asked it to be conveyed to the county.  The deed was prepared by Calvin A. Kytle.

Mr. Patterson motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Docket 2012-05-068:  Appointment to the Water and Sewer Authority to a three year term; Mr. Henderson motioned to appoint Eddie J. Roberts, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Docket 2012-05-069:  Resolution-Local Public Road Acceptance; Mr. Brewer stated that this is a requirement through the Department of Transportation.  Mr. Hodges motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Consent Agenda:  Finish Line Asphalt, LLC $31,159.68, Georgia Asphalt $4,390.04, Construction Materials Services, Inc. $300.00, Hot Rocks Asphalt $44,073.22, Freddie Cook $900.00 and C.W. Matthews $ for Bibb Station Road. Mr. Hodges motioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Henderson with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Information Items

Mr. Brewer shared with the board had the ribbon cutting at the driving range at Southern Crescent, he was very pleased. Representative Holmes to be at Fresh Air BBQ Thursday May 17, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and would have all maps. Parks & Recreation will be representing all workers, Friday May 18, 2012. Worthville Fire Station 3 Ribbon Cutting May 22, 2012 at 10:00 am. Chamber of Commerce Town Hall Meeting May 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Peace Officers Memorial Day May 15, 2012 – flags to be flown half mast. Johnny Lee Smith funeral, was on the Tax Assessors Board. Three Rivers Regional Workshop Monday May 21, 2012 at 3:00 pm in the auditorium.

Public Comment – None

With no further business, Mr. McDaniel called for a motion to adjourn, Mr. Douglas motioned seconded by Mr. Hodges, meeting adjourned with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Ratified this 11th day of June, 2012

Jessica E. Reynolds, County Clerk