The Butts County Board of Commissioners called to order the meeting of November 14, 2011 a 5:00 pm. Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to order.

Dr. White asked that items 2011-11- 148a Transportation Authority Charter & 148b IDA Business Park Phase II be added to agenda. The Board gave consent to add.

Mr. McDaniel called for a motion to enter into executive session to discuss personnel and potential litigation. Mr. Hodges made this motion, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a unanimous vote.

Mr. Hodges made a motion to reconvene, seconded by Mr. Douglas with a unanimous vote recorded

The Chair called for a motion to approve the October 2011 minutes, which was made by Mr. Hodge and seconded by Mr. Henderson with a unanimous vote recorded.

Mr. Hodges made a motion to approve the agenda with the aforementioned additional items, seconded by Mr. Henderson with a unanimous vote

Steven Van Thomas took the podium first, apologizing for missing the last meeting and to address the board regarding a special referendum for the purpose of voting for retail package sales on Sunday and for a change to our ordinance to extend serving hours from midnight (current cutoff time) until 3:00 AM. Mr. McDaniel stated that they were not prepared to make decision at that moment and that they needed to have full understanding from a legal aspect of all regulations and laws pertaining to these changes. Attorney O’Quinn was assigned to review and report on details to the County Administrator. Actions are to be discussed and acted on in December in order to be placed on the March ballot. All commissioners agreed.

Michael Brewer presented a resolution that recognized the friends of SPLOST committee. Al Jordan Belinda Davis, Ellen Brewer, Lou Defresne, Larry Morgan and others all received a County pin of appreciation. Patterson motioned, Hodges second with a unanimous vote.

Dr. White recommended that the Board appoint Michael Brewer as County Legislative Coordinator to replace Dr. White who will be leaving in December. A motion was made by Mr. Henderson and seconded by Mr. Hodges with unanimous consent.

Dr. White welcomed Doug Manning as Community Sevices Director & Laura Hale as IDA Director. Manning began on November 1st and Hale will begin on December 1st.

Under old business, the Fieldstone Development Agreement was brought up from previous meetings for final approval. Mr. Hodges made a motion, seconded by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Under New Business, Tussahaw Village subdivision’s road system was accepted as county roads by a motion from Mr. Hodges, a second by Mr. Patterson with unanimous consent.

Tushar Patel applied for and was granted a license to sell alcohol as new owner of a business already existing. The location of the establishment Hwy 36 West Interstate BP. Approved, Patterson motioned, Douglas seconded and a vote of 4-1 was recorded with Mr. Henderson abstaining.

Chief Mike Wilson addressed the critical need for replacement of the Fire Department Bunker gear. He stated that 27 out of 32 need to be replaced. Item was approved to purchase but with conditions that a more favorable rate be obtained on the financing. Mr. Douglas motioned, Mr. Hodges seconded with an unanimous vote.Mr. Hodges motioned that they do an amendment on the financing rate, Mr. Patterson second, with an unanimous vote.

ACCG Inmate Medical Savings plan was adopted in the belief that it would be financially advantageous for the County. Mr. Henderson motioned to accept, Mr. Douglas second,unanimous vote.

Added Item 148a Dr. White addressed the need of a Transportation Authority to prepare us for the possibility of high speed rail coming through Butts County. A motion was made to look into this for the next General Assembly session by Mr. Hodges, second by Mr. Douglas with unanimous consent.

Added Item 148b Dr. White stated that the IDA Riverview Business Park Phase II called for a joint effort between them and the County Public Works department to place pipelines across a creek to make a crossover. Cost will be estimated at $175k with funding to come from SPLOST (2001 edition). Mr. Hodges moved to proceed, second by Mr. Patterson with unanimous consent.

Dr. White covered several information items including SPLOST notices, requisitions and related items. There were no public comments and the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Mr. Hodges, seconded by Mr. Patterson with unanimous consent.

Ratified this 12th of December, 2011