Roger McDaniel, Chairman
Gator Hodges, Vice-Chairman
Robert L. Henderson. Commissioner
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner

J. Michael Brewer, Interim County Administrator
Mike O’Quim, County Attorney
Jessica Reynolds, County Clerk

The Butts County Board of Commissioners called to order the meeting of December 22, 2011 at 5:00pm. Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to order. Followed by prayer & the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer by Commissioner Henderson.

ltem 201 1-11-168 Agenda was approved, motioned by Hodges, seconded by Patterson, 5-0 unanimous vote. There were no additional items to be added to the agenda.
ltem 201 1-12-171 Executive Session for discussion of personnel and potential litigation. Henderson motioned to enter into executive session, Douglas seconded with an unanimous vote 5-0. The Commissioners returned to reconvene into original called meeting, Douglas motioned, Patterson seconded, 5-0 vote

Item 201 1-1 1-169 Approve Letter of Engagement to hire Robert W. Baird & Company, Hodges motioned, Patterson seconded, with a 5-0 vote unanimously.

ltem 201 1-11170 Authorization for financing team to proceed with public bond sale, Henderson motioned, Douglas seconded, with a unanimous vote 5-0

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.