Roger McDaniel, Chairman
Gator Hodges, Vice-Chairman
Robert L. Henderson, Commissioner
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner

Alan E. White, County Administrator
J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
Mike O’Quinn, County Attorney
Artisica Stodghill, Acting County Clerk

The Butts County Board of Commissioners called to order the meeting of December 12, 2011 a 5:00 pm. Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to order. The Commissioner’s entered into a work session. Introduced by Dr. White the presentations proposal on refinancing debt. Todd Barnes & Brian Ubell with Robert W. Baird & Co. presented the Private Placement Process where Baird would act as a Placement Agent on behalf of the County and the Public Issuance Process where Baird would act as Underwriter for the County’s bond, giving a comparison between the two. United Bank took the podium to also present their proposal on refinancing the county’s debt. Presentation was done by United Bank’s Bruce Bartholomew & John Rainwater.

Zoning Hearing begin with case # 12-01-11 Joe Lanier Knight requesting a rezoning from AR to R2 said property is located on Paul Maddox Rd. in the 1st District, Land Lot 109. The purpose if for single family residential subdivision. Comments were made from public against the rezoning request. Followed by case# 12-02-11 Curtis & Serina Parker of Jackson, Ga. requesting Special Use for a used car lot. Said property is located at Hwy 42 South (925) Jackson Ga. in the 1st district, Land Lot 70. Owner of the property stood for Curtis & Serina (said by owner, that they didn’t have to be there if the owners were present). No comments were made against this request.

Hodges motioned to go into executive session, seconded by Patterson, with a unanimous vote 5-0.
Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to reconvene , motioned by Hodges, seconded by Douglas, with a unanimous vote 5- 0.

Preliminaries: Prayer by Henderson followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Item 2011-12-155 No Additional items to be added with the approval of the agenda, Douglas motioned, Hodges seconded with a unanimous vote 5-0

Item 2011-12-156 Approval of minutes, Hodges motioned, Douglas seconded vote unanimous 5-0

Item 2011-12-157 Michael Brewer recognized the undefeated soccer team of Butts Co. Parks & Recreation, all introduced by Chris Thurston. Henderson motioned, Hodges seconded with a unanimous vote 5-0. Brewer also added along with recognitions an additional proclamation to honor Dr. Alan E. White. Motioned by Henderson, seconded by Douglas, with an unanimous vote 5-0

Item 2011-12-158 Request by the Sheriff Department for a renewal letter of the Speed Detection Device Permit which will have to be renewed every 3 years tp be signed by Chairman Roger McDaniel. Douglas motioned, Patterson seconded unanimous vote 5-0

Item 2011-12-159 Dean Miller in regards of problems in his subdivision (Pepperton) this location is in the city limits but county plans on seeing what they may do to help.

Item 2011-12-160 Derissa Shannon took the podium in regards of concerns with the Butts Co,. Park & Rec, seeking better resource and help with the kids.

Item 2011-12-152 Old Business The re-introduction of the ordinance to amend Sec. 6-6 as to extending hours fo the beer 7 wines sales & dispense to 2 a.m, which was the 2nd reading. Patterson motioned, Hodges seconded, with a 4-1 vote, Henderson abstain.

New Business
Item 2011-12-161 FY-11 Audit Report by Rae Johnston. Audit was complete Dec. 5, 2011. County collected an estimate of $1.2 million in revenue more than budgeted and an estimate $900,000.00 less in expenses. Hodges motioned, Patterson seconded unanimous vote, 5-0

Item 2011-12-162 County Holidays Schedule Approval, Douglas motioned, Hodges seconded

Item 2011-12-163 Alcohol License due to new ownership at 1501 Halls Bridge Rd. fomerly known as Halls Bridge Food Mart, now Nikey LLC DBA Chevron Food Mart. Hodges motioned, Patterson seconded, 4-1 vote, Henderson abstain

Item 2011-12-164 Zoning Hearing Case #12-01-11 Joe Lanier Knight requesting a rezoning from AR to R2 on Paul Maddox Rd. for single family residential subdivision. Henderson motioned to reject Patterson seconded to reject 4-1 vote on rejection with Hodges opposing to reject.

Item 2011-12-164 Zoning Hearing Case#12-02-11 Curtis & Serina Parker requesting a Special Use for used car lot at 925 Hwy 42 South Item approved unanimous vote 5-0

Item 2011-12-165 Joe Brown, Charles Lawson, & Bart White were reappointed to serve on the Industrial Development Authority/ Development Authority Board. Charles Brodie was reappointed to serve on the Board of Assessors Board. Douglas motioned, Hodges seconded 5-0 unanimous vote

Information discussed were Item 2011-12-166 Safe Dam Act/ Inventory and 2011-12-167 Special Presentment Superior Courts of Butts County

Meeting Adjourned.

Artisica Stodghill, as Acting County Clerk