Roger McDaniel, Chairman
Gator Hodges, Vice-Chairman
Robert L. Henderson, Commissioner
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner

Alan E. White, County Administrator
J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
Jessica Reynolds, County Clerk
Fran Womack, Financial Services Coordinator

A called workshop of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was held on August 29th, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. Vice – Chairman Hodges called the meeting to order.

Dr. White introduced Bill Stark with Honeywell Controls to address the board regarding future business with Butts County. Mr. Stark’s purpose for Butts County is to create more efficient county buildings and to save money. Mr. Hodges asked what the initial cost to tour the county buildings and to have something generated, Mr. Stark stated that there wouldn’t be a cost; with that the board stated that Mr. Stark needed to get with Mr. Brewer and Dr. White to get the information needed to start.

The workshop was opened up for the purpose of keeping track of different projects the commissioners are to handle. To begin the board discussed proclamations to be presented at the September 12, 2011 meeting. The board touched on various projects for maintenance to complete around the county. As well as for public works to begin on various road projects.

Discussion was held for a policy to be drafted regarding bank fraud; a meeting with the Board of Assessors regarding re-evaluation of county properties; board consensus on the search process for the County Administrator; joint meeting with IDA regarding the director replacement; retirement plan for new county employees as well as a wellness program for all employees; updating county ordinances and policy’s and updating the Code Red system for danger alerts.

Staff has prepared a tracking program template to keep track of all the projects and their estimated time of completion. This tracking program will be updated as need be and will be kept up to date.

With no further business, Mr. McDaniel called for a motion to adjourn the workshop, Mr. Hodges motioned seconded by Mr. Henderson, meeting adjourned with a 5-0 vote recorded.