Roger McDaniel, Chairman
Gator Hodges, Vice-Chairman
Robert L. Henderson, Commissioner
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner

Alan E. White, County Administrator
J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator
Jessica Reynolds, County Clerk

A called meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was held on August 15th, 2011 at 2:00 P.M. Chairman McDaniel called the meeting to order.

There were additional items to be added to the agenda; 2011-7-107A Mutual Aid and Automatic Fire Alarm Agreement. Mr. Hodges made a motion to approve the agenda seconded by Mr. Patterson with a 5-0 vote.

2011-8-103 – SPLOST Vote Resolution – Dr. White explained the changes that were made to Exhibit A to correct the wording for the City of Jenkinsburg. Mr. Henderson motioned to approve the Resolution seconded by Mr. Patterson then opened up for discussion. Mr. Hodges wanted to clarify regarding five phone call he received about a justice center; the money is not going to build a justice center, simply to pay off the debt for the renovation to the Clerk of Superior Court building. Also, the county will not be “stockpiling” money; the seven million is to pay of debt.

2011-8-107 – SPLOST Intergovernmental Agreement – In the agreement it list the projects to be made and has a percentage breakdown for the municipalities, also to be noted that before the money is to be distributed each year the bond payment will be made. Dr. White stated, the agreement has been updated and adjusted to the intent the board has directed and recommends approval. Mr. Douglas motioned to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement seconded by Mr. Henderson with discussion opened. Mr. Henderson verified that the municipalities and the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority agreed on the county wanting to reduce debt before any distribution is made and that they were ok with that; It was verified that they were.

Mr. Patterson stated he was under the impression that the county was to pay off all debt. Dr. White answered by stating that each year the county will pay off the bond payment for that year before any money is handed out the municipalities or Water and Sewer. Mr. Patterson also commented asking if the county could ask the municipalities or Water and Sewer to reduce fifty percent in case there were a justice center that needed to be built. Mr. Blake Sharpton commented by stated that’s something that would not a good option to go with.

Mr. Hodges stated he hasn’t heard anything from the citizens regarding a new justice center so that hasn’t even been in the picture to be concerned with and doesn’t believe the current judges would be in such a way that it would be demanded. Also, stated that it’s illegal for the county to stockpile money or save it for a justice center without having the citizen’s vote on it on the ballot.

Mr. Hodges questioned what the current percentages were before they were increased as well as who increased them and why? Dr. White made a comment that he increased them for the reasoning of the bond payment/interest in the beginning of each year. Four percent was taken from the county’s portion and was split up for the municipalities and Water and Sewer. The motion was passed unanimously.

2011-8-107A – Renewal of the Mutual Aid and Automatic Fire Alarm Agreement between Butts County and the Georgia Diagnostic Classification Prison. Dr. White presented to the board and recommended approval.Mr. Henderson made a motion to approve seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 4-0-1 vote with Mr. Douglas abstaining due to his employment.

With no further business, Mr. Hodges motioned to enter into executive session for the purpose of personnel and legal information seconded by Mr. Patterson with a 5-0 vote recorded. Mr. Patterson motion to reconvene seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 vote. Mr. Patterson made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Mr. Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.