At a Special Called Meeting held on February 22, 2021, the Board of Commissioners heard a rezoning application request and a request for a special use that would have placed an industrial rock quarry in an area that was zoned for agricultural and residential use. After holding a public hearing on the matter, the Board unanimously rejected the applications and voted to deny the rezoning and the special use as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission earlier this month.

Subsequently, in a radio interview with WJGA Radio Station, the County Government was put on notice that we would be subject to litigation arising from these decisions, which were rendered in the matters of the rezoning case and special use case applied for by Tussahaw Reserves LLC and Keys Ferry Crossing LLC.

Because a representative of both Limited Liability Corporations specifically threatened that an appeal would be filed in the Superior Court of Butts County, we have deemed this sufficient to serve as notice of their intent to pursue litigation against Butts County, making this a legal matter.

As a legal matter, the County Government, including elected Commissioners, appointed Planning Commission members, Executive and Management staff, and Employees of the County are directed not to issue any further public statements on the matter or to discuss any aspect of this matter with anyone outside of approved legal venues until such time as it has either been adjudicated through the Court system or is no longer a potential litigation threat for Butts County.

We appreciate the public’s understanding of our position on this decision, and the necessity to safeguard the County’s position in this matter as we preserve the integrity of our legal standing.

The Butts County Board of Commissioners