We are sad to announce that Charles McKeehan, who has served as Butts County’s Chief Tax Appraiser for several years, will be leaving us on July 14, 2017 to accept the Chief Appraisers position in Upson county. Originally hired on November 5, 2007, his professional knowledge and substantial expertise led him to be appointed as Chief Appraiser when Mary Turner retired from the position. Since that time, he has ably managed the office of the Board of Assessors and has worked closely with the office of the Board of Commissioners during his tenure.

The Chief Appraiser is employed and appointed by the Butts County Board of Assessors, which functions autonomously from the Board of Commissioners. Their office is charged with evaluating and appraising real and personal property for tax purposes in the most fair and equitable manner possible. The Chief Appraiser’s role is multifaceted, in that he or she is not only responsible for ensuring this process is done in accordance with state law and regulations but also for managing all of the personnel engaged in the work of the office.

During his tenure with the Board of Assessors, Charles McKeehan has set a high standard for excellence and his work has been acknowledged and praised by the Department of Revenue for its accuracy and completeness. The office had been through two changes of leadership within a short period of time when Charles took over, and he brought much needed stability and tenure to the position. Around the time of his promotion to Chief Appraiser, he completed the Appraiser IV level of certification, which is the highest possible level to achieve, requiring several years of study and experience to obtain.

“We appreciate the work done by Charles McKeehan and his office” stated Board of Commissioners Chairman Robert Henderson. “Even though he works for the Board of Assessors, we consider him part of the Butts County family and we know the work performed by his office has enhanced our processes considerably”.