Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM
Preliminaries- Chairman McDaniel

  • Call to order
  • Welcome
  • Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

DOCKET No.                ACTION ITEMS

2014-07-130     Approval of Agenda*
2014-07-131     Approval of Minutes-June 5th and June 9th *


Proclamation Honoring Merrilee Parson
Proclamation Honoring Kaitlyn Eidson                                                                          

New Business

2014-07-132     Case #06-01-2014 – Joe L. Knight request for R-2 Rezoning
2014-07-133     Request to Amend the County’s Alcohol Regulations
2014-07-134     Request to Amend the County’s Vacant Structure Ordinance
2014-07-135     Update on Proposal: Letsonville
2014-07-136     Contract for Indigent Defense Services
2014-07-137     Butts County Application to Retain Funds
2014-07-138     Contract for Indigent Defense for Juvenile Deprivation Actions
2014-07-139     Authorization for Chairman to sign Mutual Aid Agreements
2014-07-140     Request for Credit Card by Leisure Services
2014-07-141      Blue Sombrero LLC Agreement for Leisure Services
2014-07-142     Work Detail Agreement
2014-07-143     Request to Approve Contract Recommendation for Roof
Repairs & Replacement for the Detention Center
2014-07-144     Request to Approve Contract Recommendation Roof
Repairs & Replacement for the Recreation Center
2014-07-145     Request from Citizen to Speak to Board

2014-07-146      Public Comments

2014-07-147      Executive Session
2014-07-148      Executive Session Summary
2014-07-149      Adjournment*