A called meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6:00PM, Monday on January 12, 2015 in the C. Wayne King Auditorium, Jackson, Georgia by Vice Chairman, Henderson. Commissioner Douglas led the invocation.


Roger D. McDaniel, Chairman (teleconference)
Robert L. Henderson, Sr., Vice-Chairman
G.S. “Gator” Hodges, Commissioner
Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Joe Brown, Commissioner
Michael Brewer, County Administrator
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney
Crystal Griggs-Epps, County Clerk

Approval of Docket

Item 2015-01-016       Commissioner Hodges made a motion to approve the agenda; Commissioner Henderson seconded the motion. Vote 5-0, motion carried unanimously.

New Business

Item 2015-01-017       Michael Brewer presented the request to authorize the Chairman to sign the Correctional Services Agreement dealing with the probation services for the Probate Court. The request comes from Judge Biles due to the document on file has the signature of the former Judge Johnston. Commissioner Hodges made a motion to approve, Commissioner Douglas seconded. Vote 4-0 (Commissioner Douglas abstained).

Item 2015-01-018       Christy Lawson presented Case #12-01-2014 before the Board advising that Great American Travel Center had submitted its final plat for property 2679 Hwy 16W. The final plat has been reviewed and approved by the county engineer and the technical review committee members. The plat meets all requirements and regulations of the County’s ordinances. The Planning Commission Board recommended approval of the final plat at their December 11, 2014. Ms. Lawson stated that the County has a Certificate of Occupancy to issue them as well. Mr. O’Quinn clarified that Great American Travel has built a road to our specifications and has been inspected by the county and now the Travel Center is now deeding this road to the County and after two years the County must maintain the road. The next two years, the developer has agreed to maintain it and has provided a letter of credit from the Bank of Terrill for 10% of the construction cost of the road to back up their obligation to maintain it. County Attorney, O’Quinn opened the Public Hearing to hear any favor or opposition on the request. Mr. Bob Ryan of the Atlanta South 75 Travel Center wanted to make sure that there would be no truck fueling or truck parking at the rear of the building. Ms. Lawson stated there are no available parking spaces or stand-alone fuel islands in the rear of the building and the owner would have to come back before the Board to get approval to have either. Vice Chairman Henderson closed the Public Hearing. Commissioner Hodges made a motion to approve the final plat of the Great American Travel Center contingent on any additional parking or fueling facilities will come back before the Board of Commissioners for final approval and authorize the Vice Chairman to sign the necessary documents, Commissioner Douglas seconded. Vote 5-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2015-01-019       Christy Lawson presented case #01-01-2015 for Bill and Kay Collins of Jackson, GA to rezone approximately 44.63 acres from AR to R1 low density for a new proposed residential subdivision consisting of approximately 22 homes located at 480 Colwell Road, Jackson, GA. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends the approval of this rezoning with the following conditions of placing a 50 foot berm vegetated buffer between the two adjoining property lots in front of the subdivision; the full length of both lots. Mr. Brewer verified with Mrs. Lawson that tonight’s vote is only to approve the rezoning and not a subdivision; and that the rezoning is consistent with the future land use. County Attorney, O’Quinn opened a Public Hearing to hear of any in favors or oppositions. Robert Jordan of Jordan Engineering and Craig Collins stood to give more detail on the project. Timothy Howard, Bob Ryan, and Gerald Led stood in opposition of the request. Vice Chairman Henderson closed the Public Hearing. Commissioner Brown made a motion to approve the rezoning from AR to R1, Commissioner Hodges seconded. Vote 5-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2015-01-020       Adjournment