Happy New Year from the Butts County Commissioner’s Office! We hope all of you have had a safe and happy holiday season. A few announcements to publish:

+All solid waste recycling centers are open today (Saturday, January 1st) until 7pm this evening

+The first meeting of the Board of Commissioners will be held next Monday, January 1oth. The agenda and other information will be posted this Thursday when the agenda is finalized but in addition to the regular agenda items, swearing in ceremonies will be conducted for newly elected Commissioner Mike Patterson of District 3 and re-elected Commissioner Keith Douglas, plus the election of Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board for the calendar year 2011 will also be handled.

+Congratulations to several of our elected officials for achieving anniversaries today. These include Interim Chairman Roger McDaniel, Commissioner Gator Hodges and Commissioner Robert Henderson, all with 2 years in office; Magistrate Judge Gigi Leverette Hoard with 6 years in office; Coroner Ralph Wilson with 10 years in office; and Sheriff Gene Pope with 18 years in office.

All county office will re-open this Monday, January 3rd at their normal business hours. Have a safe New Year’s Day!