Report of Major Legislative Acts By
The Board of Commissioners
Butts County Georgia
Docket Year 2018

During the Docket Year of 2018, the Butts County Board of Commissioners, as the legislative body of the County of Butts, State of Georgia, did pass or cause to be passed the following major actions in open session, said actions being reflected in the minutes thereupon.

1. Elected Russ Crumbley as Chairman and Ken Rivers as Vice Chairman of the Board

2. Reappointed Mike O’Quinn as County Attorney for 2018

3. Reappointed Haisten and Johnston, Auditors for 2018

4. Issued a Proclamation for National Law Enforcement Week.

5. Passed Resolution 2018-01 Honoring Robert Henderson for his service as Chairman in 2017.

6. Appointed Peggy Smith to the Board of Directors of the Butts County Library Board

7. Passed Resolution 2018-02 Setting Schedule of Qualification Fees for all Elected Offices.

8. Adopted a policy for handling Criminal History Record Information from GCIC.

9. Adopted a policy for Appointments to Boards, Authorities and Committees.

10. Approved Application for Community Development Block Grant.

11. Passed Proclamation Honoring the life of the late Dr. Van G. Whaler

12. Endorsed a Letter of Support to the Water Authority encouraging expansion of water and sewer distribution at the Georgia 16 and Interstate 75 interchange.

13. Appointed a Charter Consolidation Committee to explore and report to the board the feasibility of Government Consolidation.

14. Approved updates to the Capital Improvement Elements of the Comprehensive Plan

15. Approved updates to the Short-Term Work Program of the Comprehensive Plan

16. Amended the Official Code of Butts County to remove the requirement that the County Administrator must reside in Butts County.

17. Adopted the Outdoor Burning Ordinance for Butts County.

18. Appointed Cheryl Hildebrand to the Board of Directors of the Butts County Library Board.

19. Approved the FY2017 Annual Audit from Haisten and Johnston, Accountants.

20. Approved the bonding of $7,000,000.00 to be handled through STIFEL to be paid from the proceeds of SPLOST for construction of a judicial annex; the rehabilitation of the Historic Butts County Courthouse; and the purchase of a ladder engine for the Fire Department.

21. Approved RFQ process for the selection of design/build firms for SPLOST bonded building projects.

22. Adopted a new organizational chart that relinquished responsibility for Code Enforcement and Animal Control to the auspices of the Butts County Sheriff’s Office.

23. Presented a Proclamation honoring the Jackson United Methodist Church on the occasion of their 200th anniversary and recognizing the church as the longest functioning church in Butts County.

24. Designated the Planning and Zoning Commission to serve as Impact Fee Advisory Board.

25. Approved Butts County joining as a Charter Member the I-75 South Corridor Coalition.

26. Passed Resolution CR201803 Appointing Steve Layson as County Administrator of Butts County.

27. Passed Resolution CR201804 Repealing the 4th Edition of the Butts County Personnel Ordinance, which had the effect of making the previous 3rd edition active until a new one could be crafted.

28. Passed Resolution CR201805 Amending the Unified Development Ordinance of Butts County to allow the Board of Commissioners the discretion to waive or reduce certain fees associated with developmental impact, permitting and related.

29. Approved a Proclamation designating April as “Child Abuse Awareness Month”.

30. Passed Resolution CR201806 Declaring 19 Vehicles as Surplus Property and authorizing the disposal of said vehicles through approved surplus property means of disposal.

31. Approved entering into litigation with representation by Blasingame, Burch, Garrard and Ashley of Athens, Georgia with other counties against the pharmaceutical industry and their role in the opioid crisis.

32. Passed Resolution CR201807 Issuing $7,000,000.00 in Aggregate Principle General Obligation Bonds in association with SPLOST VII.

33. Passed Resolution CR201808 Allowing Future Jackson Trail to cross portions of Lake Clark Road

34. Passed Resolution CR201809 recognizing Melinda McLarnon for her retirement from the Butts County Chamber of Commerce.

35. Accepted Riverpoint Subdivision’s streets as County Roads.

36. Passed Resolution CR201810 Authorizing the County to obtain a Tax Anticipation Note.

37. Passed Resolution CR201811 Offering Limited Enrollment Voluntary Retirement Option

38. Passed Resolution CR201812 A Moratorium on Spending

39. Approved a proclamation declaring the week of June 18-24 as Amateur Radio Week in Butts County.

40. Approved reappointing Eddie Roberts to the Water Authority, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2021

41. Appointed Rachel Berry Dumas to the DFACS Board of Directors, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2023

42. Appointed Cynthia Twilley to the Board of Health, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2024

43. Appointed Michael Brewer to the Board of Health, Term is at pleasure of the Board.

44. Reappointed Dr. Keith Fortson to the Board of Health, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2024

45. Reappointed Dr. Leslie Biles to the Board of Health, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2024

46. Reappointed Mr. Harry Clark to the Planning Commission, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2023

47. Reappointed Cheryl T. Jones to the Planning Commission, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2023

48. Reappointed Clint Crowe to the Planning Commission, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2023

49. Reappointed Shannon O’Neal to the Board of Adjustments, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2022

50. Reappointed Sam Thurman to the Board of Adjustments, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2021

51. Reappointed Lanier Burford to the Board of Adjustments, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2020

52. Reappointed Justin Phillips to the Board of Adjustments, Term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019

53. Passed Resolution CR201813 Adopting the Fiscal Year 2018 Total Budget of $21,370,285 (Includes General Fund and all Special Budgets for a total amount)

54. Adopted the Butts County School District millage at 17.221 mils and the Hospital Millage of 1.0 mils, to be added to the County millage rate of 12.209 mils for a total of 30.430 mils.

55. Completed and Approved the Service Delivery Strategy for 2018-2028 period and received approval from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

56. Adopted the completely revised 5th Edition of the Butts County Personnel Ordinance, rescinding all previous ordinances.

57. Adopted an Ordinance Governing the Use of Large Trucks on County Roads.

58. Denied a proposed rezoning for the purposes of constructing a Dollar General Store on Stark Road.

59. Approved the expenditure for the purchase of a new ladder truck from the bonded SPLOST 7 funds at a total price of $735,915 from Fireline, Inc.

60. Passed Resolution CR201814 Appointing Dan Queen to the Board of Assessors of Butts County.

61. Approved the appointment of CT Darnell/Clark Patterson Lee to design and construct a judicial annex to the County Administration Building, using SPLOST 7 Bonded Funds.

62. Reappointed Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council.

63. Affirmed the County Administrator’s appointment of Kip Washington as Public Works Director and Mary Lynn Overbey as Leisure Services Director.

64. Passed Resolution CR201815 Approving Imposition of E-911 Surcharge

65. Passed Resolution CR201816 Approving Imposition of E-911 Wireless and Prepaid Surcharge.

66. Passed Resolution CR201817 Appointing Leah Frickey to the Board of Assessors of Butts County.

67. Approved the appointment of Garbutt Construction Company/Lord Aeck Sargent to design manage the construction aspects of the Historic Courthouse rehabilitation.

68. Accepted an awarded CDBG and upon receipt of the paperwork from the grant writer and technical administration firm (Linda Carroll & Hayes Hofstadter P.E.) the Board authorized the Chairman and his successors in office to execute required documents and related materials pertaining to the Community Development Block Grant from Georgia DCA.

69. Approved updated policies and procedures for refuse collection at County Recycling Centers.

70. Approved a six-month contract renewal for County Administrator Steve Layson that would begin on January 1, 2019 and end on June 30, 2019.

71. Appointed Charlton D. Smith to the Butts County Planning Commission to replace Cheryl Travis Jones, who resigned due to residency change.

72. Approved amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance pertaining to soil erosion, sedimentation and pollution control regulations that are now required of counties and which needs to be included in our UDO.

73. Approved giving no incentives in the form of reductions to impact fees, building permit fees or any other associated fees to Liberty Development Phase II and that the County give only a three-year abatement on land taxes, in the formula of 0% for year one, 33% for year two, 66% for year three and 100% paid to the County thereafter.

74. Passed Resolution CR201818 honoring Belinda Davis on her retirement from the Department of Corrections.

75. Approved a state of emergency declaration from impacts related to Hurricane Michael on Butts County.

76. Passed Resolution CR201819 Calling for a Transportation Bypass Corridor in Butts County.

77. Ratified the 2019 LMIG paving contract and awarded the bid of $807,572.75 to Georgia Asphalt, Inc.

78. Approved an addendum to the Purchasing Policy of Butts County.

79. Paid off Tax Anticipation Note for 2018.

80. Passed Resolution CR201920 Appointing Members to Boards and Authorities (resolution format) as follows:

81. To appoint Terry Nolan to serve on the Three Rivers Regional Commissioners

82. To appoint John Harkness, to fill the remainder of the term left by vacating board member Bart White on both the Development Authority and Industrial Development Authority.

83. To appoint Roger McDaniel to replace Bruce Bartholomew on the Development Authority

84. To appoint Clint Crowe to replace Danny Edmonds on the Development Authority

85. To reappoint Bryan Bush and Arthur White to both the Development Authority and the Industrial Development Authority.

86. To reappoint Kim Freshwater and James Lamb to the Board of Zoning Appeals

87. To reappoint John Fisher to the Transportation Board

88. To appoint Bobby D. Elrod to the Transportation Board

89. Approved a new intergovernmental agreement with the Butts County Development Authority.

90. Passed Resolution CR201821 A Resolution that will extend health care benefits to eligible retiring employees who elect to take insurance coverage, program to begin January 1, 2019.

91. Passed Resolution CR201822 A Resolution Adopting the 2019 Holiday Calendar and Regular Meeting Dates for the calendar year.

92. Passed Resolution CR201823 A Resolution assigning future available office space in the Historic Butts County Courthouse to the Chamber of Commerce and the Development Authority.

93. Approved the awarding of New Year’s Eve as an additional holiday to all eligible County employees.

94. Approved Fiscal Year 2018 budget amendments as recommended by the County Auditor to clear up findings in previous audits.

95. Directed administration staff to make a new request for qualifications to interested parties wishing to be named as broker of record for health insurance for Butts County.

96. Chairman Crumbley closed the Docket Year the board is adjourned, sine die.


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned constitutes the major actions taken by the Butts County Board of Commissioners and are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the Docket Year beginning January 1, 2018 and ending December 31, 2018.

Said record of actions are attached to and made a part of Minutes Book Z and filed under Tab A (Acts) which, along with Minutes Book Y will corroborate the actions stated herein.

Given unto my hand and seal this 20th December 2018.

J. Michael Brewer, Clerk of Butts County Georgia