Call to Order; Welcome; Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance Chairman Joe Brown
☐ 2021-01-019 Adoption of the Docket Chairman Joe Brown


☐ 2021-01-010 Resolution CR202103 Approving Positions (Revision) Staff


☐ 2021-01-020 Public Hearing on Transmittal of Capital Improvements Element Ms. Christy Lawson
☐ 2021-01-021 Public Hearing on Transmittal of Short-Term Work Program Ms. Christy Lawson


☐ 2021-01-022 Adjournment

Rules for Public Hearings Brought by Planning and Development

Public Hearings are governed by a set of rules and during a public hearing, the only topic for discussion shall be the topic identified on the docket as the reason for the public hearing. There are three components of public hearings before the Board of Commissioners: Presentation, Public Comments and Board Actions. When the item is called, the presenter will be allowed to present the item for which the public hearings are called. This may include County staff and, if applicable, the applicant who may be requesting an item or items that require approval or actions by the Board of Commissioners. The presentation should not exceed twenty (20) minutes. Upon conclusion, the Members may ask any questions of staff or the applicant upon being recognized by the Presiding Officer, which may be the Chairman or a designated member of Staff to conduct the Hearing. The Presiding Officer will then move to the public comment portion of the hearing.

Once the Presiding Officer has opened the public comment portion of the hearing, all persons wishing to speak in favor of the matter before the Board of Commissioners will be polled. Hearings before the Commission allows for ten (10) total minutes to hear arguments in favor of a zoning recommendation or other matter before the Board. If more than one person wishes to speak in favor of a recommendation, the 10 minutes will be divided equally by the number of people wishing to speak in favor of. If multiple persons wish to speak, it is recommended that a spokesperson be selected to allow the best use of the available time and to avoid repetitive statements. As an example, if 10 people wished to speak in favor of a recommendation, then each person would be allocated 1 minute to speak.

Likewise, once those wishing to speak against the matter before the Board of Commissioners on the particular matter being heard have been polled, then the same procedure will follow as before, with a total of up to 10 minutes granted for opposing arguments and time being equally divided among those wishing to speak against.

Upon the expiration of all time, the Presiding Officer will close the public hearing and take any final comments from the Members. Once the board has had the opportunity to make comments or to not make any comments, the Presiding Officer will then call for a vote.

At no time during a public hearing shall members of the public speak from the floor or while others are speaking. Those who are recognized by the Presiding Officer to speak during the public hearing must come to the podium, state their name and address for the record and then state their case within the time allotted to them. Anyone speaking out of turn or from the floor may be ruled out of order and subject to removal from the meeting.