Commissioners Docket for June 11, 2012


Executive Session-Potential and pending litigation Regular


Preliminaries-Chairman Roger McDaniel

• Call to order, Welcome, Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Docket
Approval of May 2012 Minutes

o Five Star Employee Program
o Proclamation recognizing Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Old Business
2012-05-064 Second Reading; Animal Control Ordinance Revisions

New Business
2012-06-072 Development Authority Request-Laura Hale

2012-06-073 Anticipated Collections Addendum/S.A.V.E.-Mike O’Quinn

2012-06-074 Board of Assessors Appointment-Michael Brewer

2012-06-075 Request to use Daughtry Park for Fireworks-M. Brewer

2012-06-076 Invitation to Qualified Bidders for provision of Healthcare Services and associated policies-Mike Patterson

2012-06-077 Set date for Healthcare Services Bid Information and Authorized Representative to Communicate Data-Mike Patterson

2012-06-078 Authorization to request needed information from Cities prior to LOST Negotiations-Mike Patterson

2012-06-079 Interim County Administrators Report-Michael Brewer

2012-06-080 Return to Executive Session-Personnel Matters