WHEREAS, Butts County is a duly created and validly existing political and administrative subdivision of the State of Georgia under the Constitution and laws of the state of Georgia and governed by the Butts County Board of Commissioners, and;

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners are empowered to create and establish limited duration committees for the purposes of advising the Commission on governmental, community and cultural matters, and;

WHEREAS, the issues of providing quality recreational offerings to the public through the local Leisure Services Department have been of concern to Board of Commissioners, and;

WHEREAS, the Butts County Government can be affected by decisions regarding Leisure Services and its offerings to the community in the areas of youth, adult and senior adult activities, and;

WHEREAS, the Butts County Government and other interested parties desire to formally establish a framework for pursuing the financial, political and public support of the objectives that will be identified by said Committees, as has been successfully done in other Georgia communities, and;

WHEREAS, any such Committee, once formed, shall need a defined organization and set of written procedures for the disposition of business during its meetings, now, therefore be it:

RESOLVED, that the Commission hereby declares that the foregoing preamble and whereas provisions set forth hereinabove constitute, and shall be considered to be, substantive provisions of this Resolution and are hereby incorporated by reference into this provision.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Butts County Board of Commissioners does hereby establish the following committees that shall be governed by a set of bylaws and organizational rules but which shall be formed for different purposes, entitled:

A). Recreation Advisory Committee on Facilities and Infrastructure, and;
B). Recreation Advisory Committee on Programs; both committees to be governed by the following articles of organization as follows:


Section 1-00. Purpose. The purpose of these Recreation Advisory Committees shall be to make related recommendations to the official governing body regarding issues concerning improvements to the infrastructure and physical facilities of the Daughtry Recreation Park Complex (Committee A) and improvements to the programmatic offerings of parks, recreation, youth and adult recreational programs, senior adult programs and related, including potential funding opportunities such as grants, community fundraising and similar (Committee B). Unless the need for specific delineation is required here, the two committees shall hereinafter be referred to as “The Committees”.

Section 1-01. Open Meetings. All meetings of the Committees shall be held in accordance with the provisions of Open and Public Meetings Law, 50-14-1 et seq. of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.).

Section 1-02. Public Access to Meetings. As a Committee formed by the Governing Authority, the public shall at all times be afforded access to observe all meetings, other than closed meetings that meet the criteria defined in law for closing such meetings. As the purpose for the Committee precludes personnel, real estate and legal matters, it is anticipated that such closure would not be warranted.

Section 1-03. Quorum. A quorum must be present for conducting business at the meetings of the Committees. A quorum is a majority of all of the members of the respective committee then in office. It is the duty of the chairman to enforce this rule. Any Committee member may raise a point of order directed to the chairman if he or she believes that a quorum is not present. If a quorum is not present, the meeting may be continued for discussion only, but no vote may be taken on any issue.

Section 1-04. Voting Majority. Motions may be made for any item on the agenda, and passage of a motion shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of Board members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present. Unless otherwise specified in these procedures, a majority shall mean more than 1/2 of the Board members present and voting.

Section 1-05. Abstentions. A Committee member shall vote on all motions unless he or she has a conflict of interest that would prevent him or her from making a decision in a fair, ethical and legal manner. If a conflict of interest does exist, the Committee member shall explain for the record his or her decision to abstain on any vote.

Section 1-06. Chairman. The Committees shall select a chairperson from the voting Committee members at the inaugural meeting of each Committee and thereafter at the July meeting each year, if the Committee is continued beyond one year or the next July, whichever comes first. The chairman of the particular Committee is responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting.
In order to fulfill this duty, the chairman must enforce the rules of procedure that are adopted by the particular committee. The chairman shall be impartial and conduct the meetings in a fair manner; however, nothing in these rules shall be construed to prevent the chairman from making or seconding a motion, or from participating in any debate. The chairman is eligible to serve successive terms as chairman, if the committee is continued beyond July 1st of 2021 or after.

Section 1-07. Vice-Chairman. Each Committee shall select a vice-chairman from the voting Committee members at the inaugural meeting of the Committee and thereafter in the same manner as the chairman is chosen. The vice-chairman shall fulfill the duties of the chairman if the chairman is not in attendance. The vice-chairman is eligible to serve successive terms as vice-chairman as defined above.

If the chairman and the vice-chairman are absent and a quorum is present, the remaining Committee members shall select a Committee member to serve as temporary chairman of the meeting until either the chairman or vice-chairman is present at the meeting.

Section 1-08. Membership. Membership shall be constituted as follows: For each committee, there shall be one appointee from each Member of the Board of Commissioners of Butts County, to comprise five voting members of each Committee. Additionally, there shall be provisions for Ex Officio members of the Committee, to include the Director of Leisure Services, as head of the Department, and the sitting Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, as per the requirements of the Official Code of Butts County. No Ex Officio member shall have a voting right but shall have full rights to speak and be heard as any other Committee member.

Members of the Committee, to be eligible to serve, must either A). Have children in or have had children in the recreational programs of the Leisure Service Department within the past ten (10) years, or B). Have coached or been a registered volunteer of the Leisure Services Department for at least two (2) years or longer or C). Have sponsored an athletic team engaged in recreation league athletics for at least two year, or D). own a business that has, in the opinion of the Board of Commissioners, contributed considerable time, talent and financial resources to the betterment of the Leisure Services Department. Finally, each member must also be and have been a resident of Butts County for at least one year at the time of their appointment, along with meeting at least one of the other criteria specified.

All appointed members shall be appointed for an entire term of service, which shall be no greater than one year, except when an interim appointment is made to fill a vacancy created by the death, resignation, or discharge of a Committee member. The appointing authority shall make all original and new appointments to be effective immediately upon the creation of this Committee, and, if the committee is to be continued beyond one year, in June of each succeeding year. Interim appointments may be made at any time. In the event an interim appointment is made, the new member’s term shall be for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacating member.
The membership shall elect from among itself a Committee secretary at the inaugural meeting of the Committee and thereafter at the July meeting each year if the Committee is continued beyond July of the year following its creation. The Committee secretary shall act as the custodian of files, documents and pertinent records held by the particular Committee in question. The Committee secretary shall also handle the preparation of all required notices, agendas, and meeting minutes associated with the proceedings of the Committee, subject to direction by the chairman and Committee membership. The Committee secretary shall be eligible to serve successive terms. The Committee secretary must be a voting member of the Committee.

Section 1-09. Agenda. Each Committee secretary, with the advice of the chairman and the Committee members, shall prepare an agenda of subjects to be discussed, and possibly acted upon, for each meeting. The agenda shall be made available to the public and all Committee members at least one business day before every Committee meeting. If administrative support is needed to fulfil the obligations of the Committee, this may be requested from the Leisure Services Department, and assigned within the Department at the Director’s discretion.

The order of the agenda may be changed during a meeting by a majority vote of the Committee. A new subject that requires urgent attention may be added to the agenda during a meeting by a majority vote of the Committee.

Section 1-10. Adoption of Minutes. The secretary to the Committee shall promptly record the minutes for each Committee meeting. The minutes serve as the official written record of the Committee meeting and shall be open for public inspection once approved as official by the Committee but in no case later than immediately following the next regular meeting of the Committee. The minutes shall specify the particular Committee, the names of Committee members present at the meeting, a description of each motion, the Committee member who proposed each motion, the Committee member who seconded each motion, and the name of each Committee member voting for or against a proposal shall be recorded. It shall be presumed that a Committee member has voted in the affirmative unless the minutes show otherwise. More detailed information may be included in the minutes at the request of the Committee. The minutes shall be maintained by the Secretary of the Committee and a copy provided for public inspection at the Leisure Services Department.

The Committee must approve the minutes before they can be considered as an official record of the Committee. A copy of the minutes from the previous meeting shall be distributed to the Committee members at least one business day before the following meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting shall be corrected and approved by the Committee at the beginning of each meeting. A majority vote is required for approval. Conflicts about the content of the minutes shall be decided by majority vote. Upon being approved, the minutes shall be signed by the chairman and attested to by the secretary of the Committee in question.

Section 1-11. Order of Business. All regular meetings of either Committee should follow an established order of business. The order is as follows:

• Opening (Call to Order
• Approval of Agenda
• Approval of Minutes
• Invited Guests
• Old Business, to include reports of any subcommittees or members if required
• New Business, to include reports of any subcommittees or members if required
• Financial Matters (If any)
• Adjournment

Section 1-12. Decorum. All Committee members should conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. All remarks should be directed to the chairman rather than to individual Committee members, staff or citizens in attendance. Personal remarks are inappropriate.

A Committee member should not speak at a meeting until the chairman has recognized them. All comments made by a Committee member shall address the motion or item that is being discussed.
The chairman shall enforce these rules of decorum. If a Committee member believes that a rule has been broken, he or she can raise a point of order. A second is not required. The chairman can rule on the question or he can allow the Committee to debate the issue and decide the issue by majority vote.

Section 1-13. Public Participation. Members of the public may be invited by the Chairman of the committee as an invited guest to speak or present information pertinent to the purpose of the Committee.

1-13-01. Decorum. Members of the public shall not make inappropriate or
offensive comments at a Committee meeting and are expected to comply with the rules of decorum that are established for Committee members. Individuals who violate any rules of the Committee may be ruled out of order by the chairman or on a point of order made by a Committee member. A majority vote of the Committee will rule on the point of order. An individual who violates the rules of decorum may be removed from the meeting at the direction of the chairman.

1-13-02. Public Hearings. The Committee may schedule public hearings for the purpose of soliciting public comment on any subject of interest to the Committee. The time and place for any and all public hearings will be determined by the Committee in accordance with the Open and Public Meetings Law, codified at O.C.G.A. 50-14-1 et seq.

Section 1-14. Parliamentarian. The Committee secretary shall serve as the
parliamentarian for the meetings.

Section 1-15. Amendments to Rules. Any amendments to the rules of order must be submitted by a Committee member in writing to the Committee secretary at least one week prior to the meeting of the Committee. The proposed amendment shall be included in the agenda for that meeting and distributed to all Committee members. All amendments require a majority vote of the Committee to be adopted and may not be in conflict with any established rules in this document.

Section 1-16. Regular Meetings. Meetings of either Recreation Advisory Committee shall be held at regular intervals, to be determined by the Committee. A notice containing the foregoing information shall be posted and maintained in a conspicuous place available to the general public at the regular meeting place of the Committee.

Section 1-17. Special Meetings and Rescheduled Regular Meetings. A regular meeting may be canceled, rescheduled or moved to a new location within the county by the chairman for any reason. Other special meetings may be scheduled by the chairman when deemed necessary. Whenever a rescheduled regular meeting, or any other special meeting, is to be held at a time or place other than the regularly scheduled time or place, written notice of the change shall be posted for at least 24 hours at the place of the regular meetings. In addition, the Committee secretary shall give written or oral notice at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting to each member of the Committee.

Section 1-18. Emergency Meetings. When emergency circumstances occur, the Committee may hold a meeting with at least 24 hours notice to the public. When such meetings are to be held, the secretary shall provide notice to each member of the Committee as soon as possible. The notice shall include the subjects expected to be considered at the meeting. In addition, the minutes shall reflect the reason for the emergency meeting and the nature of the notice given to the media.

Section 1-19. Suspending the Rules of Order. Rules of order may be suspended. A motion to suspend the rules requires a second, is debatable and requires a majority vote of the Committee. Rules governing quorum, voting methods and requirements, the notification to Committee members of meetings and rules necessary for compliance with state law cannot be suspended.

Section 1-20. Subcommittees. The chairman of a Committee may create subcommittees of members of the Committee to study any issue before the Committee. Any such subcommittee may make recommendations to the Recreation Advisory Committee but no subcommittee shall be empowered to make any final decision on any matter before it for consideration. In addition to Committee members, subcommittees may include other county officials, staff or citizens at large who are willing to serve.

Whenever a subcommittee is created, its duties, any limitation on the scope of its duties, and the times, places and periods of time for which the subcommittee may operate shall be determined by the chairman with the concurrence of the Committee. The chairman shall serve as an ex-officio member of all subcommittees.

Section 1-21. Visual and Sound Recordings. Visual, sound and visual and sound recordings shall be permitted for all public meetings.

Section 1-22. Reference to Robert’s Rules of Order. To the extent not provided for in, and not conflicting with the spirit of, these rules, the chairman shall refer to Robert’s Rules of Order to resolve procedural questions.

Section 1-23. Authority. It is specifically stated and understood both Committees are advisory in nature only and do not have any specific or implied authority over County staff, programs or offerings.

Section 1-24. Rights to Expand, Modify or Abolish. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right, as granted under the Official Code of Butts County, to modify, to expand or reduce the scope of either or both Committees or to abolish either or both Committees, by means of Resolution, at such time that the Board feels that the purpose and need for the Committee has been satisfied and that the continued existence of either or both Committees is no longer warranted.

Section 1-26. Dissolution. Upon the dissolution of either or both Recreation Advisory Committees, all materials and documents of the Committee in the keeping of the Secretary shall be relinquished to the Director of Leisure Services for storage in accordance with the Open Records Act governing Local Governments until such time as the records are deemed to be longer retained or held by the County.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution shall be in full force and effect upon passage and adoption by the Butts County Board of Commissioners and that any and all other resolutions, acts or ordinances in conflict with this Resolution shall be, and they are, to the extent of such conflict, hereby repealed, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it is the express intention of the Board of Commissioners that each independent provision of this Resolution should be adopted, and that the Board would have adopted each such independent provision even if the others had not been adopted; therefore, in the event that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any of the aforementioned to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, that it is the intent of the Board of Commissioners that the offending provision be severed, and that all lawful provisions remain in force, and;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Board authorizes the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners to sign this Resolution on their behalf and all associated documents related to the passage and implementation of the provisions of this Resolution and does authorize the Clerk of Session to attest all signatures and make this Resolution part of the Book of Resolutions, Volume A.

Adopted in Session this 10th Day of August, 2020

/s/ Chairman Ken Rivers

/s/ J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Manager
Clerk of the 122nd Session
Butts County Board of Commissioners