Butts County will be seeking qualified individuals to serve on the new Butts County Transportation Board.

The Butts County Board of Commissioners voted on Monday, August 12th to form and establish a transportation board to be charged with studying transportation related issues including roads, a potential airport and high-speed rail, all of which are becoming more prevalent as Butts County becomes more and more a part of the metro Atlanta area. The board will study all of these factors and make recommendations to local governments on ways to meet the transportation needs and challenges of the future.

The structure of the Transportation Board will include three appointees of the Board of Commissioners; two appointees from the City of Jackson as the largest city and county seat; and one each from Jenkinsburg and Flovilla. A limited number of ex-officio members will also be seated, including the Three Rivers Regional Commission representative assigned to transportation; a board member of the Development Authority; the county Community Development Director or County Planner and a representative of the Georgia Department of Transportation.

In seeking appointees to the new Transportation Board, the Commissioners made it clear that they want persons serving on the Board to have subject-matter expertise in the areas the Board will be studying.  “Each member should bring something useful and relevant to the table” stated Commission Chairman Gator Hodges.

During the meeting, County Administrator Michael Brewer recommended that due to the particular requirements of serving on the new board, the County should accept letters of interest from qualified individuals so that they could be evaluated by the Board of Commissioners prior to issuing appointments.

The Commissioners plan to review a list of potential appointees within the next few weeks and hope to make their initial appointments by the September 9th meeting of the Board. Any Butts County citizen who has interest in serving on the Transportation Board should send a written letter of interest to the attention of Michael Brewer, County Administrator, 625 W. Third Street, Jackson, GA 30233. The letters can be hand delivered to the Commissioners Office or mailed to the attention of the same. The deadline to submit is Monday, August 26th.