We are sad to say goodbye today to our County Clerk, Crystal Griggs-Epps, who has held the position for the past three years. During the time she has been here, she has done a tremendous job bringing a level of professionalism, expertise and high standards to one of the most important and oldest positions in the County government. She also managed a number of projects during her tenure that resulted in the computerization of many decades worth of County records and documents; transitioning the Commissioner’s documents to digital formats, thus saving the costs of printing and duplicating; overseeing the redesign of the County website; overseeing the process of disposing of a large number of seized properties and recovering monies owed on them and more. On a day to day basis, she managed the records of the County, which is the primary responsibility of the Clerk and oversaw a number of functions associated with the position.


A few weeks ago, Crystal gave her notice of intent to step down from the position, after having secured a new position with greater responsibilities in the Atlanta area. Since then, she has gone above and beyond to assist with her transition from the position and to make sure that there is continuity in the Office of County Clerk after her departure. The Board of Commissioners and the Administration Staff commend her on a job well done and thank her for her many contributions to Butts County since she came on board in November of 2013. We wish her the very best in her new position and her future endeavors.